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Mumbai Home With Modern But Simple Furnishing

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Residence -3 Instinct Designs Modern houses
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Mumbai, a city full of hard workers, dreamers and Bollywood movie stars, has attracted our attention today. And credit goes to Residence 3, a practical and tasteful home rendered by the interior designers and decorators at Instinct Designs. As we begin to explore this abode, you will discover how stylish and sleek storage solutions dot the interiors generously. Geometrical patterns in subtle and elegant forms make their presence felt too, while the colour palette banks on sober neutrals. A dash of colour spices up the child’s bedroom though, which features the universe as its decor theme.

Elegant simplicity

Simple but elegant shades of white, grey and wood infuse this living area with cosy calmness. The sleek and trendy couches are comfortable and feature patterned seats, while plush cushions promise sheer relaxation. Soothing lights and striped drapes make for a welcoming look.

Smart entertainment

The entertainment unit is a white and wooden affair, with a textured panel that adds oomph to this space. The TV has been poised above an array of smooth cabinets decked with geometrical embellishments. Stylish glass shelves on the left and a tower of simple open shelves on the right offer room for both storage and display.

Stylish way to dine

The glass-topped wooden table come with geometrically inspired patterns, which complement the wave-like texture of the white panel at the far end. And tall glass and wooden shelves provide ample scope for storing crockery, cutlery and other dining essentials.

Sensible and cosy bedroom

Rendered in wood and premium laminate, this bedroom is a smartly planned affair with tons of organisation space. The high headboard is equipped with sleek niches for decorative display, while a modish wood and glass shelving unit on the right hold books, photos, gadgets and more. The tall dressing mirror has also been accommodated on the left side, and makes a chic statement here.

Pretty prayer corner

We love how a prayer nook has been created right next to the entertainment unit in another bedroom. The white and dark wooden tones of the sleek entertainment unit are duly complemented by the simple but pretty and white wall-mounted temple. Slim glass shelves hold photos of deities and candles, while minimalistic drawers help in storing other prayer essentials. The curvy pattern on the shade of the temple offer visual interest.

Imaginative kid’s bedroom

With the secrets of the mysterious universe unfolding on the closet doors, the child’s bedroom is an exciting and imaginative space. The colourful floral bedspread adds zing to the room, along with the dashes of sea-green on the shelves and cabinets. Thanks to these storage hacks, the study desk has become an extremely convenient and organised space where high productivity is assured. Soothing lighting ensures serenity here.

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