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11 Pictures to Inspire You to Make Your Bathroom Like a 5 Star Hotel

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Singh Residence Space Interface Modern bathroom
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This idea book will show you 9 different bathroom that are beyond the ordinary designs. It often happens that bathrooms become an environment or space with specific functionality and thus, we forget that there is no rulebook that says that Bathrooms need to be generic, ordinary and ideal to hundreds of others. 

If we consider the limitations like humidity, lack of space and others then there are certain things we need to think, but there is always a chance to let our imaginations go other ways, achieve creative, original and more fun spaces. If you find it little disoriented or do not know where to start up, professionals from homify can definitely help you. In case you have boring and ordinary model of bathroom, better take a note, because they will show you how you can make an environment unique and look very much of your own.

1. Special Accessories for your Bathroom

One of the easiest ways to give an original touch to the bathroom is incorporating a handmade mirror, instead of the typical vanity mirror. If you add vases, some nice bottles of bath soap, an antique piece for the sink and faucet and wicker stools as storage space, you can easily a welcoming space without much efforts.

2. Wood Vanitory

This wood vanity, with its rough and rustic outlook, creates a pleasant contrast to the mirror and wall tiles. Plants in the bathroom help to convey the organic quality that was already present, thanks to untreated wood.

3. Your own spa at Home

Light filtering into the Master Bathroom studio XS Modern bathroom
studio XS

Light filtering into the Master Bathroom

studio XS

Who does not want a spa in your own home? This whirlpool bathtub is a luxury that gives us many happy hours while we relax with bath salts and foam.

4. Garden and Outdoor Bathtub

In a warm or tropical area we can afford to have an outdoor bathtub. We may also air condition space and glad the roof of the bathroom so that it becomes a very pretty garden. The advantage of this solution is the spectacular view and the natural light that filters through the windows.

5. Stone Sink

This sink is a very rare piece. Its rustic cut is complemented by more traditional elements such as style chair, the fabulous mirror, and orchids. It is worth remembering that the  deluxe woods are always an option that brings warmth to the bathroom, which is itself a rather cold atmosphere.

6. Alternative Tiles

A solution to the walls for a boring bathroom is to use more than one type of tile. It is important to balance and complement each other, without creating excessive contrast or the results can seem a bit overwhelming. In this case, the choice of both tiles has been made based on the shade and the final set is very attractive.

7. Vibrant Colors

This bath is a symphony of blues that gives us the impression of the bathroom submerged in the ocean. This type of bolder palette is ideal for toiletts, as they are very small bathrooms that need some courage to distinguish themselves from the rest.

8. Niches in the walls

In the inner wall of the previous photo, toilette has added niches, an ingenious solution to store things at the same time brings an artistic air to this space.

9. Extra Large Round Mirror

Spaces as squares and bathroom are always favored by more curvaceous forms. With this in mind, this immaculate bathroom uses a large round mirror, a sink and matching accessories for bath in which the curved lines predominate.

10. Pure Elegance

Residence Interiors at Mukundnagar, Pune Urban Tree Modern bathroom
Urban Tree

Residence Interiors at Mukundnagar, Pune

Urban Tree

Here the bathroom shows a rather unseen and unthought combination of white with lustrous golden that somehow stands out in the scene. Large mirror on the wall makes this compact space look eased out and enlarged. The small pot sink and toilet seat on side have been well adjusted into a very much small space. Practical and Rational idea for small homes. 

11. Little Dramatic

Victorian Terrace House, South-West London Drummonds Bathrooms Mediterranean style bathroom Tiles
Drummonds Bathrooms

Victorian Terrace House, South-West London

Drummonds Bathrooms

In this bathroom, the calculated risk was decided and through in advance. Colorful, whimsical ceramic motifs are being reflected on the silver surface of the bathtub, which itself appears to be a collector's item. To these elements, we add up a huge mirror that doubles the size of the environment.  The white wall provides a visual relief amidst so much theatricality, balancing elements of this bath.

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