Vastu and mirror: Know the Do's and Dont's

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The main reason why mirrors are considered to be a powerful tool in Vastu Shastra is very simple. In Vastu, mirrors are believed to repel positive energy, suck all the negative energies and attract prosperity. Thus, placing a mirror in your home or any other place has the capability of:

Doubling up the Prosperity

Sending Positive Energies

Sucking the Negative Energies

In order to comply with the rules and regulations of mirror establishment and placement at your home, here is a quick guide on what you should do and what you must not. No, you don't need to be a designer to follow them. Continue reading to know Vastu tips and guidelines for using mirrors.

1. Opposite Placements

Dressing room - Fitted walnut wood cabinetry Baker & Baker Modern style bedroom wardrobes,mirrors,drawers,dressing room
Baker & Baker

Dressing room—Fitted walnut wood cabinetry

Baker & Baker

Never place 2 mirrors opposite to each other as it causes impatience and also increases restless energies in home.

2. Right Shape Matters

Choose rectangular or square shaped mirror for your home as they are considered to be auspicious as per Vastu.

3. Placement and Height

Ensure that the mirror has been placed at a height of around 4 to 5 feets above the ground. 

4. Bedside Mirror Placements

Big Dandy chandelier and table lamps MULTIFORME® lighting Exhibition centres Glass bedroom
MULTIFORME® lighting

Big Dandy chandelier and table lamps

MULTIFORME® lighting

Keeping a large side table or dressing table alongside bed is considered to be auspicious. But as per experts' Vastu tips, make sure that none of the body parts are reflected into the mirror while sleeping as it is believed that the body part might develop some serious medical conditions.

5. Reflect the Beautiful Sceneries

The Family Bathroom ArchitectureLIVE Modern bathroom bathroom mirror,bathroom sink

The Family Bathroom


If there is any beautiful landscape outside your window then the recommended Vastu mirror position should be exactly opposite to that window. This way, the scenery which is being reflected in the mirror ensures that the positive energy as well as the beauty of the landscape is replicated inside home. This helps to bring more bliss and positive energies. 

6. Against the Dining Table

Place your mirror reflecting the dining table as it symbolizes doubling of food and attracts wealth.

7. Never in the Dark

In the long list of mirror vastu tips, do not forget to add this point as it can bring a great change in the ambience of your bathroom. If you have mirrors in the bathroom then make sure they are never in dark.

8. Mirror in front of Cash Lockers

mirror bathroom ZERO9 Modern houses

mirror bathroom


Place your mirror in front of cash corners and it will bring more wealth to your home.

9. Round Mirrors

Round and Oval Mirrors are not considered to be a good thing in Vastu Shastra.

10. Window panes made of Glass

If the window panes or door of your home are made of glass then it is better not to have them sheer transparent.

11. No Mirrors in Study Area

Place no mirror in study area as it distracts concentration from studies. 

12. Passage or Gallery

Installing mirrors in narrow galleries as it tends to attract negative energies. 

13. Right Location

Place the mirror, wall clocks or glass show pieces and other decorative items made of glass or reflect on the North or East walls of your home.

14. Vastu Defect

A common Vastu defect is having a wall in the center of a home and to eliminate this defect, you can place a mirror. If your home is having a cut in any corner, another significant Vastu defect then place mirrors in that direction.  Place two mirrors in opposite arrangement, touching the floor.

15. No mirrors at Entrance

House in Chandlers Ford II, LA Hally Architect LA Hally Architect Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
LA Hally Architect

House in Chandlers Ford II

LA Hally Architect

Never place a mirror, glass or other shining objects at the entrance door as it will send out all the positive energies out of home. Your entrance must comply with the rules of Vastu to attract happiness, wealth and energy.

Follow these simple principles and see the change. To know more ideas to bring wealth to your home, read this guide.

Some more Vastu tips for using mirrors

Mirror Sliding wardrobe Small bedroom Sliding wardrobe,glass wardrobe

Mirror Sliding wardrobe

If you have an almirah with mirror in your bedroom, then you must know that it should be kept in the west. Also, for those who often ask—can we keep almirah facing south? Yes, it is ideal to place the almirah in the south as it is a heavy object. However, an almirah with mirrors also has an element of water. Thus, Vastu recommends that such almirahs should ideally be positioned on the west walls.

The ascent DnC Stairs

The ascent


While positioning artistic mirrors in different sections of your house, make sure that you do not install them near the stairs. According to Vastu guidelines, it is highly inauspicious to install a mirror in front of, under or in any position close to the stairs as the reflection will often cut off the feet or head, and this distorted image will further attract negative energy inside the house. Instead, you can ask professionals to design other stylish accessories for the area around the staircase.

We are sure these tips of Vastu will help you. Send us your feedbacks and comments. 

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