24 Simple Ideas for a Living Room to Envy

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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 Everyone seems to have a different taste their house. Still, the basic rules remain the same for all and can hardly be overlooked. If you look forward to an area that is functional and comfortable, it is important to have certain styles in mind. To help you out we have created the list of 24 ideas that will definitely suit your taste.

​Wall stickers

Easy to use, affordable, highly creative! Call it the simplest way to add your personal flavor in the room.  Easily available in the market, it can be a quick and smart pick altogether.

​Plasterboard Niches

 Again a very easy idea to add in some great essence in your living room. The catch here is that it is not going to take much of your time and you can transform the place according to your choice.

​Natural Light

Think of a setting that can let the natural lights in. The more enlightened the room is, the better it appears to be.

​A simple divison

The dining and living area here is divided by no walls. Instead, the designers have used furniture to divide the space.

​Divide with the island

It’s again a practical division that has worked in a pretty good way. The only difference we can notice here is the island.

​Sofa Line

The elegance of this space is confined to a cozy sofa that keeps the living area away from the dining one. Thumbs up to the designers!

​Modular walls

It's modern, aesthetically appealing, and even practical. Creativity comes abound with the modular walls and hence you can go for it without thinking too much.

Demolish it

Demolish a portion of the wall and you can have all that space you ever wanted.

​Utilize the wall

Ditch the traditional way and you can enjoy a new style of arrangement. This house wall depicts the purpose well.

​Long cuboids for TV

Try using a mobile horizontal cupboard for TV and things will automatically get easier.

​Light colors

Use light colors for a small living space and the entire place can be brightened up, creating the illusion of larger space.

​A window between the living and dining space

Create a window between the kitchen and living space and it a few chairs can convert into the right place for breakfast.

​Spice up the wall

Abbandonare l'impronta tradizionale senza rinunciare ad un ambiente caldo e confortevole, AMlab AMlab Industrial style living room

Stone veneers can spice up the wall, giving a warm appearance to the room.

​XL Sofas

Just look at the sofa and you will feel like rolling on it. An utterly elegant space we must say.

​Bring the corners in use

Make the most of every corner just like this living space. Nicely done, we must say.

​Home décor

Even the tiniest décor done with attention can bring a unique charm in the house.

​Tents are always the best

The tents can never go out of fashion. It's always a great option and even the simplest execution can yield great results.

​A generous touch of yellow

 This room is not laden with yellow, but whatever it is, it’s too magnificent.

Call your carpenter

Woods are the ultimate solution for a living space and this living space proves it.

​Take advantage of height

Don’t let the heights get wasted. Simple racks can work effectively and it’s a great trick for sure.

​A large carpet

The print carpet here is fulfilling the purpose of creating bigger space illusion. The placement is neat and sophisticated.

​Make the most of the column

The beam in the center of this room has been used with utter creativity here.

​Odd floors

Re-evaluate the odd floors and decorate it with elegance of textures

​Think of Greens

No matter what place it is, some greens are always welcomed. 2-3 potted plants and the charm is unrivaled.

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Which one of these living room ideas inspired you the most?

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