8 pictures of home entrances inspired by Vastu Shastra

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According to Vastu Shashtra, your home’s main entrance has a lot to do with the energies inside your house as it’s the point from where energies flow in and out. While positive energies coming into the home from the entrance door bring well-being and prosperity, negative energies have the opposite effect. Therefore, it’s important to design the main entrance correctly in order to attract positive energy for health and fortune.

In this ideabook, we’ve put together some tips that will help you design an entrance way as recommended by Vastu.

1.​Well lit

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Al Imaraa


Al Imaraa

The entrance area should be bright and well lit. Use a lampshade or recessed lighting to ensure that the area has sufficient light, whether it is during the daytime or at night.

2.​Largest and best

The main entrance door should always be the largest door in the home. This allows more energy to flow in and out of the house. You should use good quality material to make the door. Wood is always a good alternative as it has warmth and is sturdy. You can also opt for a door with two shutters, but ensure that it opens inwards.

3.​Above ground level

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Never design the main door so that it is below the ground level. As per Vastu, the main door should be a few steps above the ground, and ideally, the number of steps leading up to it should be in an odd number. Having the door higher than the ground level is also practical as it keeps the area from getting flooded during the monsoon.

4.Beautifully decorated

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A Duplex Apartment, Raipur

ES Designs

The entrance should have a welcoming feel to attract positive energy into the home. Decorate it using a beautiful name plate or add a bright colour or design on the main door to make it eye-catching.

5.​Maintain it well

The main door should be well-maintained so that it always looks good. If it is damaged and has a crack or chipped paint, you should get it repaired immediately. Oil the hinges so that the door opens and closes smoothly without making any creaking noise.

6.​Think inside the box

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door design


The main entrance door is best designed in a conventional rectangular pattern. Avoid having a door that is slanting or circular. A sliding door is also not recommended for a main door. Similarly, arched doors are unsuitable as they interfere with the pattern of positive energy flowing into the home.

7.​Stay away from black

When painting your main door, choose any colour other than black, which is considered inauspicious. Bright or soothing colours will make the area more attractive and bring in positive energy. Similarly, polished wood is a good option as it brings a warm ambiance to the entrance area.

8.​Correct placement

A wooden Mural homify Minimalist windows & doors

A wooden Mural


A main door should be located at least a foot away from any corner. It should not be placed in the centre of any wall. Try to ensure that there is no obstruction such as a pole or a tree directly in front of the door.

For additional vastu tips for designing a bedroom, see this ideabook.

A couple more Vastu pictures for home entrances

4 BHK Interior at Krishwi Dhavala - Ms Suwarcha, DECOR DREAMS DECOR DREAMS Modern corridor, hallway & stairs

4 BHK Interior at Krishwi Dhavala—Ms Suwarcha


While paintings or art can add beauty and positivity to the home entrance, you should be aware that there is an ideal Vastu direction for hanging pictures. Also, specific types of pictures or images enhance good luck when they are placed in a particular direction. It’s also best not to hang paintings with water facing the main door because, like a mirror, the image of the reflecting surface can repel positive energy from entering the home.

Even if you find the perfect design idea when browsing these Vastu tips pictures, home design professionals must be consulted for ensuring that the elements you use are compliant with the principles of the ancient science. The décor and construction of the home entrance should bring in positive energy and ward off negative energy from your home.

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