What materials should be used as patio flooring and why? Here are 8 of them!

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Undeniably, a manicured lawn is the best option for enjoying the outdoors, but it might not be feasible in every home. Patios are a good alternative as they require less maintenance, since one doesn’t have to worry about frequently mowing the grass to keep it looking perfect.

However, while designing a patio, significant thought needs to be given to the type of flooring that is best suited for the area to keep it looking beautiful for years. Additionally, the material needs to be permeable, offering good drainage. In this ideabook, we’ve put together some of the best flooring options to consider for patios.

​1.Warm wood

Wooden decks have unmatched sophistication and give the patio the look and feel of a resort. Whether you use deck tiles or planks, wood has a natural charm and can fit into either a rustic or a luxury design theme. While it isn’t as popular for the outdoors as the indoors, with a few coats of waterproofing material, it can be perfect for a patio.

2.​Simple stone

Stone offers versatility for patio flooring, besides lending a natural and rustic air to the setting. You can use stone tiles for a modern feel or rough paved stones for a rustic finish. The advantage of using stone is that you will have a long-lasting floor.

3.​Rustic terra cotta

In addition to being suitable for the outdoors, terra cotta is a traditional local material in India and is preferred by home owners who want to build environment-friendly homes. The lovely orange-brown tone adds a rustic look to any patio.

4.​Cool concrete

Having the patio entirely covered with concrete might not be suitable for an Indian home, especially in summer, as the material gets heated up quickly under the sun and continues to radiate heat in the evenings. Instead, using concrete tiles bordered with grass is a good alternative. It also breaks the monotony of having a single material covering the entire patio.

5.​Sleek slate

Slate is another recommended material for patio flooring as it’s perfect for the outdoors. Whether you use uneven tiles to create a mosaic effect or slabs, slate comes in a mix of tones, which add a charming effect to the outdoor area.

6.​Basic brick

While some think that brick is a bit too plain for a patio, others argue that the material is perfect for the outdoors as its porous property ensures good drainage. It’s a practical option for patio flooring and brings a rustic touch – ideal for rural homes or ones with a rustic or country theme.

7.​Gorgeous gravel

Gravel adds a stunning element to a patio because of its texture. It’s a maintenance-free option as it prevents weeds from growing underneath, saving the trouble of removing weeds to keep the area neat and tidy. It provides excellent drainage too.

​8.Alternative resin

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Resins can be bound together with chemicals to present an alternate solution to traditional stone, wood and tiled patio flooring. It’s a great option for large areas and offers good drainage too.

For more ideas for your patio flooring, visit this ideabook.

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