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8 kitchens, small but full of charm

Ruqaiyya Hussain Ruqaiyya Hussain
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Living in an apartment has its own advantages and disadvantages, just like everything. The least advantageous fact is perhaps limited space and sometimes, the lack of outside area. The good thing is that everything can be reached on hands and feels more ordered and controlled. Living in an apartment or a flat also makes you a bit more sociable by the forced coexistence with neighbors and also gives you the possibility of a refuge content.

The kitchen in such apartments is usually reserved to a smaller space, or atleast, comes with some limited dimensions. In this idea book, we are focussing precisely on them- Small kitchens from kitchens and why they don't need to stop from being functional, practical beautiful and nutritious. 

1. Bathroom

The walls, floors, and countertops of this kitchen have been set in lighter tones to balance and contrast harmonically. In this proposal, the contrasting dark furniture with bright illumination for the rest of the area is elected. With a modern design and practical materials resistant in association with professional guidance, a beautiful, cozy and functional kitchen is achieved.

2. Practical Aesthetics

A small kitchen does not necessarily need to be a kitchen with little space. This is the case with this super functional, practical cooking area that leaves plenty of room for all proposal: save, cooking, washing, eating, living. With a modern aesthetic and bold colors, the design breaks the conservative structure of any traditional cuisine and decor idea.

3. Save, Store and Sort

Having storage areas like shelves, drawers or cabinets in a kitchen with small dimensions is possible and successful idea for sorting this. We must seize absolutely every corner with studied design and measured centimeter by centimeter so that everything fits and nothing is left out.

4. Bright Colors and Bright Lights

These two measures are nothing new for small spaces: so many light colors and good lighting, natural or artificial, visually enlarge the space and allow you to work much better. In this case, the furniture in beige tones and choosing not to put curtains on the windows are good choices that result in comfort, convenience and efficiency. 

5. Saving Bar

Eating in the kitchen might not be a pleasurable experience for many as it is a warm and nurturing environment which is rich of aromas coming out of homemade food but definitely, it is a practical, rational and functional option.The bars need not be elaborative or complex at design but can be simple, straightforward and comply with the basic function of being a table to eat and to use as an extension of the activities carried out in the kitchen. In this, it proposed exactly that: a simple and natural wood net bar built into the wall, which serves as a breakfast and support work.

6. Adaptable Forms

The power and flexibility of adaptation are quite advantageous qualities for any category and when it comes to decorating or furnishing a small space, have furniture that fits and suits our needs. Acute and difficult forms of the corners sometimes can present a difficulty when ordering things, but this smart and functional design is a sign that can make the most of our few meters and difficult corners.

7. Colorful Joy

A small kitchen is never a problem when you want to make it look spectacular like any other thing. Leveraging the resources, creativity, and ingenuity, incredible results can be achieved. Colors give joy and energy and if you put up little colors to the atmosphere then it is a wise decision. In this case, a touch of vibrant red raises spirit and Good vibrations!

8. Linear Kitchen

Demolish the myth that dark colors or black is not made for kitchen. For instance, this proposal of linear kitchen forms a perfect sample that shows that exceptions exist. It all depends on the design and proper use of material. Black furniture with a touch of red depicts balance, contrast, and elegance. A bright kitchen with a great source of natural, comfortable and practical light.

Surely you kept wanting to see more options kitchens, stay in homify!… .Similar recommendations for you: Space Saving Ideas for kitchen.

Which one you will adopt at your place?

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