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We owe our walls a lot. Think about it. They keep our homes standing firm, give us privacy when and where we need it and generally keep us warm and safe. However, we give them very little in return! 

A lick of paint here and some wallpaper there hardly seems fitting decoration for such steadfast friends, so we've taken a look at what interior designers have been doing to celebrate the humble wall and now we want to get in on the action.

We think you will too once you see how amazing they can look…

1. Wall voids, filled with beautiful texture and spotlights look incredible!

2. Cubbyholes cut into walls make for brilliant home storage solutions

3. Varying the sizes and shapes of cubbyholes will ensure a fun and interesting display

4. Even room dividing walls can become more multifunctional with inset shelving

5. Symmetrical wall recesses make a real statement when created either side of a beautiful fireplace

6. Even small areas of blank wall can be cheered up with a small yet effective shelf that's big enough for a vase

7. Deep set display cabinets are one thing, but light them well and they'll make your walls look utterly phenomenal

8. Rustic walls are stunning, especially when you give them an Eastern twist with shaped recesses

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9. Now, that is one talented plasterer! Look at the way the walls have been built out to include integral storage

10. External windows can be made a real feature of with perspective-altering wall cavities

11. Offering fabulous functionality, this wall has made the issue of bedtime book storage a problem of the past

12. A lit recess that showcases two forms of statement wallpaper should be too much. However, here it's just a fabulous and luxurious touch

13. Colour pops look great in every home and making the most of your walls has never been easier than with a vibrantly coloured set of display cabinets

14. Texture that you want to reach out and touch is a sure-fire way to make the absolute most of your walls and will look good in any room

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15. Super simple and sleek cut outs add a nuance of sophistication to a hallway wall

16. Do you ever struggle where to keep shampoo and shower gel in your bathroom? You wouldn't with these fab recesses!

17. Whether you collect fine art or cartoons, set back display panels will show them off to their best and make your walls come alive

18. Sneaky storage makes your walls that little bit handier. Plus, it won't shrink a space as you can build in, not out!

19. There's a reason why full-height bookcases are a steadfast installation in homes around the world. They're helpful, look great and make good use of dead space, so what are you waiting for?

For more wall inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 10 Ideas To Dress Your Home's Walls (So They Look Modern).

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