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Have you ever wondered why your idea of a dream home is quite different from that of your partner or your friends? It’s all in the signs! The time of the year when you were born plays a significant role in shaping your characteristics and preferences.

We’ve put together this ideabook to present the ideal homes for you according to your sun sign.

Sociable Aquarians

Those with the Aquarius sign need a home where they can socialize. A house or chalet near a beach or one with a fantastic view and a party space is ideal, so they can invite friends and family over every day.

​Impulsive Pisceans

The Pisces people tend to be impulsive with purchases, even when they buy homes. However, behind their love for risk-taking lies a traditional heart.  They would choose a Dutch-style manor in the countryside over a stylish apartment in the heart of the city.

​Large-hearted Arians

The Aries sign symbolises love and generosity. An Arian looks for a home that is perfect for his entire family. It should have a range of positive features such as a garden for his children and pets. An English or Mediterranean style country home would be the perfect match for the Aries sign.

​Ambitious Taureans

Taureans want the best homes in the world! They would buy a home abroad, with an eye on it appreciating in value. However, their dream home would be a tropical villa with a swimming pool.

​Luxury-loving Geminis

The twin influence on Geminis means that they want a place that keeps them happy, but they also need luxury. Stunning modern homes with luxurious elements such as a swimming pool or a fabulous view in a warm and beautiful place will bring them pleasure.

​Classic Cancerians

A person born under the Cancer sign likes traditional homes. A house with a classic style, whether it’s an old plantation bungalow or a modern villa with a large yard or garden, will be perfect for them.

​Up-to-date Leos

Leos don’t like to be followers. They like the most current design, style and materials used for their homes. Contemporary alone doesn’t cut it! An Art Nouveau home with the best of the latest trends is what they desire.

​Romantic Virgos

Those born under the Virgo sign love the romance of history. They would rather choose charming old architecture over ultra-modern homes. An old English manor house, a French Chateau a Spanish style hacienda would be their idea of a dream home.

​Stylish Librans

Homes with stylish elements will attracts Librans, but not if it means having to compromise on affordability and comfort. Modern homes with sleek finishes, such as Art Nouveau homes in Poland, Germany or Scandinavia will be their pick.

​Trendsetting Scorpions

Scorpio is a sign that likes to experiment. They will choose modern and minimalist homes with unique style and without comparable structures in the street or neighbourhood. At the same time, they will look for a home that is clean and perfect for the family.

​Modest Sagittarians

Those born under the Sagittarius sign aren’t big on effects. A modest home with minimalist elements and privacy will suit them perfectly. Scandinavian style homes with straight line design, simple materials and a terrace with a view will satisfy them.

​Organized Capricorns

Capricorns are ambitious and like to have large and sturdy homes in a modern design. They prefer stylish interiors and spacious homes that incorporate all the essentials that make living and organizing easy – dressing rooms, storage rooms, an attic or a basement.

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Do you agree with our matching of home styles with zodiac signs? Respond in the comments.

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