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15 Pictures of a Fabulously Furnished Home

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No matter what corner of the world you belong to, when it comes to design your homes, the entire species of Homo Sapiens wants to be crazy and cozy altogether. While the combination sounds to be too much quirky and irrational to be converted into a physical model, but when the interior decorators and designers start working, they are sure to bring something more to it. 

To show up a live version of this idea on how crazy decor can still be cozy and worthy of living, we have brought 15 pictures of a house from San Paulo by the professional architect: MEYERCORTEZ ARQUITETURA & DESIGN. We hope you will enjoy the tour to this house and get more experimental in your next project as well. Keep Reading!

Media or Entertainment Room

Since the living room was already consumed to its zenith, you cannot always sit there to watch your favorite TV shows and movie and that's why the designers have designated this small yet precious area for entertainment. Get a wide TV screen, cushy couches on opposite side and carpets and rugs on floor. Furthermore, the glass door from balcony gives way to natural air and light during day time.

Living Room draped in Beauty

Entering the house, we could see this fuller and well organized living room that integrates different elements of nature and modernity altogether. Pristine white table and sofa along with rustic wood flooring, entrance door and chairs, modern designed rug carpet in floor and then quirky printed cushions-everything here is worth loving. 

The other Angle to the Room

If you look at the living room from other side, you will see the brick walls, lamps hanging in hangers, adjusted right above the plant pots on wooden table, lighting loops at the end of the room and TV screen right infront of the Sofa. The TV screen sits right above the fireplace. Such a brilliance at one place is hard to find!

Dining Table for Guests

When you are having guests at home, a special dinign table serves as great spot for eating and talking. This plain dinign area is complemented by oodles of natural lights and the brick wall in the background. Looks much like a cafeteria from your area. 

Special mention of this section

One end of the living room has a corner brought to life through this living wall where shurbs and vines are seen growing and hanging vertically. On the other hand, we have a modern peice of furniture that has multiple racks and shelves to keep up decor items, books, antiques or your medals- let everyone see them!

A Window that opens to Heaven

Another USP of this house is this seat that heads towards a larger than life window (hidden beneath these curtains). The curvy area serves as an ideal setting to spend an evening with family, friends and loved ones. You also have plants and comfortable cushions to accompany you.

Handwash area

If there is anything better than a luxury bathroom then it might be a well-lit bathroom. Here we have an example of how you can use your counter beneath the sink as a lighting element. Place comb holders, soap or handwash dispensers nearby and adjust some small saplings within. A large mirror is always welcome in handwash area. 

Office for Two

A rare sight in houses, office or study area of this house is one of the most professional and apt settings we have ever seen for works and studies.Comfortable chairs with glass table, laptops and an additional chair and bench on a side to relax. The warmth of flooring adds on to beauty that is scattered throughout via the white curtains and proper lighting all over. A dream office one can ever have!

Candy Bar Bedroom

For kids that are no more teenagers, a bedroom that is not too much fussy, artistic or creative, works well. Here you can see that the room is small in size and the walls in dual tones, a simple bed and nothing additional keeps it clutter free. The bed faces towards a large mirror which lends a voluminous look to the narrow area. 

Matching Bath Area

Attached to the bedroom of the kids, there is a small and beautiful bathroom area that matches the decor of the room and gives a comfortable and compact space for bathing. The semi-circular shower area is followed by a rectangular section where we have the sink, toilet and other essentials of the bathroom. Small mosaic tiles and a crystal clear glass doors do not let the area look suffocating. 

Guest Bedroom

A guest bedroom should not be grand but full of convenience- this is what these designers have put their primary focus. We have already discussed how a guest room should be and here we can see all the requisites, books, storage racks, lights, lots of pillows, storage area for luggage, warmth, bedside tables and proper bedsheets. No guest would feel like new here. 

Master Bedroom

And the third bedroom, i.e. the master bedroom is a serene place to live and sleep. We are stunned by the beauty of this area despite the fact that not much has been put into it. While a large part of the room is covered by bed, wall decor, paintings and frames, bedside tables and white- off white paints, a smaller section is dedicated to free standing bath tub and vertical shrubs pot coming out of the wall. A dreamy land to live within. 

Kitchen cum Breakfast Area

The kitchen and breakfast area have been kept in continuation with each other for ease of access and communication. The wooden table, pale lights, and a large wooden bowl create a rustic, country like feeling whereas the curtains and metal shine chimneys look contemporary. The kitchen too is quite vibrant and funky.

Inside the Kitchen

As we said above, the kitchen actually has a vibrant setting within. The yellow countertop and black cabinets are quite an unusual combination to be seen in a house, that too in a kitchen. The rug on floor is an eye catching element here and the rest is just history!

Main Bathroom

And here comes the last room of this house, the main Bathroom. White and glorious, the shining wall glass of this bathroom create an interesting vision. Everything has been kept sheer white and silver metal decor items are also used. A perfect setting to unravel yourself after a hard working day.

We hope you liked this house and enjoyed the reading.

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