15 Walls with Water Fountains That Will be Fabulous in Your Garden

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
A Contemporary "Oasis" Kevin Cooper Garden Design Modern garden
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Water fountains are always a great decorative option whether it’s the interior or the exterior of the house. Light, sound or water, it offers a great sense for all sorts of elements. To let you enjoy the evening tea and breakfast while listening to the melodious sound of water, here we have 15 amazing ways of adding fountains in the house.

​How do they work?

The wall of this house is fitted with a water circulation system using a pump. So, you don’t have to worry about the excess consumption of water.  There is an excess of models and designs to choose from and that is why you don’t need to worry about it.

​The effect of a Cascade

If you like the sound of water, go for the water cascading effect. Instead of the sliding waters, a water system with cascading element will work great and you can surely enjoy the pleasant and relaxing feeling.

​The Décor

A wall with fountains is highly special and decorative, but we can always make some small tweaks to emphasize our style. Here we have a combination of gold and earth tones to make the wall shine like a star.

​A monumental staircase

A vertical source placed on the wall is the focal point of the room. The elongated design brings the impression of a small waterfall indoors and the water flows simply inside the garden stone.

​Elegance and refinement

A dramatic effect is achieved here by connecting the interiors and exteriors of the house. The only difference here is a concrete wall and it truly harmonizes the textures of the place. A lively and dynamic example it is for bringing the outdoor elements in.

​Harmonizing inside the home

Feng Shui supports placing a small fountain in the house as it brings a cooler and fresher environment with it. This house certainly has a connection with mood.

​Gracing the façade

How about adding a fountain in the façade of the house? A façade makes the first impression of the house and this house gives the perfect example.

In the right place

The sound of floating water lets you cope with the stress encountered throughout the day. A wall of water on the terrace has elevated every aspect of natural elements, letting you relax in bliss.

​From a Green Wall

The decoration of a fountain always depends on a designer's imagination and here the landscape designer went for green walls bringing the fullness of life and nature.

​In a small corner of the garden

Modern Family garden in North London Earth Designs Modern garden
Earth Designs

Modern Family garden in North London

Earth Designs

Call it a place full of greens and natural harmony. There is soil, rock, water as well as shrubs brightening the entire space with positive energy.

​Sobriety and Elegance

The modern style of water fountain grips elegance and simplicity here. The terrace holds a lovely fountain on a black and white wall with some green notes around.

​Regardless of the size and budget

No matter what is your budget, there is always a space for fountains in the house. A great example, you have here.

​A low wall spectacular

Call it a fountain or a gardening tool, this fountain serves other purposes. Made of stone, this source lets the water fall without any splash.

​Pure Magic

The magical atmosphere here awakens the subconscious mind inside you and this place will do it for sure.

​Originality Maximum

The variety of designs and style in there is truly impressive. Just use your creativity and imagination and even the everyday items can be turned into magnificent designs.

Try these ideas and for more amazing examples, click here.

Which of these water fountains inspired you the most?

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