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A home symbolises a safe haven for those who reside in it. It is also a reflection of their personalities and their lifestyles. The residence of Mr. Subhash, tastefully done by Hasta Architects, a group of expert architects based out of Bellary, tells a story of the way in which the residents of the home like to lead their lives in a modern yet tranquil environment. 

The design and the materials used in the making of the house extensively reflect the innovative quotient of the architects as well as the inclination of the owners towards the new and the untouched, thereby making the house a masterpiece in its true sense.

​Earthy façade:

West Elevation homify Modern houses

West Elevation


The careful use of colours and materials on the façade ranges from stone to wood and paint. The mix of all the materials and colours signify a calculated theme of the elements of the earth, wood and wind, which is greatly enhanced by the motifs of tree and fire. While the design is maintained to be a modern one, it is not completely detached from nature, as is seen in front of the structure.

​Themed living room with an air of sophistication:

Livng room TV unit homify Living roomTV stands & cabinets

Livng room TV unit


The moment you enter the living room, you will realise that in keeping with the theme of elements of nature, the extensive use of earthy colours and materials is seen here as well. The neat decor of the room is enhanced with the design on the ceiling, which also serves as the focal point in this room. The functionality of design is maintained with the illumination of the ceiling design, considering that the brightness and lighting of the room is not compromised.

​Spacious and vibrant hall

MDF Grill Board Partition homify Living roomAccessories & decoration

MDF Grill Board Partition


The earthy theme is also visible on the wall opposite the TV unit and it is ensured that the patterned wall and the beam style ceiling add to the modern look of the room. The Jali-styled partition also takes the design element a notch higher by resembling a work of art as well as functioning as a partition to separate the staircase block.

​Minimalistic bedroom:

Master bedroom tv unit homify Modern style bedroom

Master bedroom tv unit


As opposed to the heavy and dominating design of the façade and the front room, the design of the bedroom is maintained to be fairly subtle. You can witness minimalistic styles and colours in the room. The design of the furniture, specifically a dressing unit with a sleek mirror, is complemented by an equally simple yet exquisite ceiling design.

​Grand foyer:

Double Height Lobby ceiling homify Modern corridor, hallway & stairs

Double Height Lobby ceiling


A double heighted foyer is created in the house to give it a rich and royal feel. The architectural planning and design ensures that the home is not only functionally viable, but also looks impressive in its style. The use of the double height feature automatically ups the design quotient of the space because of the way in which it gives a sense of space and vastness.

​Stylish staircase:

Stairwell homify Modern corridor, hallway & stairs



The staircase showcases a double-height design feature, which helps in creating a design play in areas that are less used. The way in which the double height landing is used for the design element shows the attention to detail that the architect has put in. 

The residential design executed for Mr. Subhash by Hasta Architects beautifully entwines the features of minimalistic and theme design. The way in which the two are combined, makes for exquisite interior design. Check out another home tour for more ideas - A Colourful Home where Quirky Meets Rustic.

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