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Almost all of mankind's ingenious inventions have been inspired by nature. Throughout time, nature has been our greatest teacher and inspiration. In interior design, nature is also a highly respected guru as nature is the best designer of all. We only need to look around us to see the awe-inspiring designs and creations that nature is. Hence, this idea guide is dedicated to nature and nature lovers. 

Featured here are various nature inspired designs for the home such as a children's bedroom with a natural theme, animal inspired wall decor, natural dressing shelf, and nature inspired bedroom and living room. We hope you will find something that calls out to you here. Let's  browse through these nature inspired designs shall we? 

Children's bedroom with a natural theme

This children's bedroom with a natural theme is a wonderful way of getting children to appreciate nature from a young age. As humans, we learn to love. Nature lovers love nature because they learned from a young age to appreciate nature. It is very important to instill a respect for nature in children from a young age. Your children and their children will thank you for it later.  

Pictured here, is an eclectic style bedroom for kids with part of a tree reaching right up to the wooden ceiling. This interesting design gives the bedroom a cozy, natural feel, and also will bring children closer to nature, literally and also in terms of their deeper relationship with their natural surroundings. 

This beautiful children's bedroom is designed by Tabary Le Lay, interior architects based in France. 

Natural dressing shelf

It's easy to add nature inspired design to you home with furnishing such as this natural dressing shelf. In fact, anything made out of wood, which still has a raw look to it, can add the nature element to your home. Remember, nature is free for all us, and one does not have to spend a lot to create a nature inspired design at home.

Browse through dressing tables here on homify for more ideas and inspiration. 

Animal inspired wall decor

We are all driven by nature, whether we like or not. The truth is humans are just as much a part of nature as animals and plants are, and that could be one reason why we are drawn to natural objects. 

This collection of dead butterflies and antlers may creep some people out, while others might be attracted to them. Many nature lovers are fascinated with collections such as these because this is how we learn about the natural world. After all, death is also a part of nature.

Bringing nature into the home

This home has invited nature into its residence by simply planting a tree in the house. A skylight in the ceiling ensures that the tree gets enough sunlight for nourishment and growth. This is an important precaution to take when growing plants indoors—always make sure the plans have sufficient sunlight and water as well. 

We hope you've been uplifted by these gorgeous nature inspired designs. For more related ideas and inspiration, have a look at 6 beautiful nature filled rooms

Nature inspired bedroom

This nature inspired design goes to show that nature is not only beautiful, but functional as well. Here, tree branches have been used to create a boundary between the sleeping area in the bedroom and the study area. Nature inspired design is simple, yet beautiful. 

Using natural elements in the bedroom is soothing and creates a relaxed vibe. We may not get to spend as much time as we would like outside, but we can always bring nature home with us. 

Which nature inspired design did you like best? Let us know in your comments below. 

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