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14 Relaxing Bathrooms to Take Inspiration From

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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How do you define a comfortable washroom? 

For every home owner, the definition is different. For some, it should be a big cozy space, while for others, it has to be bright colors. Whatever you wish to have, these detailed designs reflect the perfect choice of the washroom. Peep into them for some great ideas:



It’s again the mosaic tiles in the bathroom, but with better alignment and great choice. The mosaic tiles are fitted in just the shower area and nothing comes in between this. The rest of the space has been done in simple white color, letting the mosaic provide the appropriate contrast. The white flower on the slab next to the wash basin is adding impeccable charm in the place.

2.​Elegance of Gray

Gray, white, and a well-defined touch of wood gives this bathroom an excellent combination of simplicity and modernism. However, always look for expert advice before making this considerable change in your washroom.  A twist of comfort to your washroom with this ultimate combination is granted with this design.

​3.An indoor garden

How about some greenery inside the washroom

Bathing next to a private garden is no doubt a complicated dream, but this dream of yours can be completed with a simple tweak. You just have to create a small garden inside the washroom. This is not much of a hassle as all you need to do is place some pots inside. 


modern Bathroom by RIMA Arquitectura
RIMA Arquitectura

Casa LA 356—RIMA Arquitectura

RIMA Arquitectura

If you are planning to create a modern bathroom, then classic glass style walls will work for you. In this washroom, simple glass walls separate the shower and bathtub area.


Easy maintenance and cleaning comes with utter comfort in this washroom. The whole space is coated with small tiles in this washroom and the color remains to be bright and clear. A complete visual treat altogether.

6.​Practical Choice

The modern house holds a truly practical example of bathroom here. Starting from bathtub to the sitting table, everything is available in this modern washroom. With open space and wooden cabinets, this place reminds us of the true sophistication. What holds our attention is the right combination of black and white. It’s just too perfect for a modern interior.

7.​Mirrored all around

Two large mirrors in this house are placed in the washroom as if they are suspended in the middle of the room. Mirrors can create the illusion of extra space and this is what the bathroom designer aimed here. Along with creating the space illusion, these washroom mirrors can also improve the brightness of the space. Even the lightening done in this space is unbelievably fantastic.


For a modern bathroom where you want to add some lively fun, this washroom remains great choice. Colorful circles on the front wall deliver exactly what you can expect out of such space.

9.​Memories in there

modern Bathroom by Deeco

Washroom can be used as the place to store your intimate memories. It can be anything like photographs, gift boxes, postcards, or sheets with lovely images on it. Anything that you cannot imagine about decorating in the bedroom or living area can be put here with supreme elegance.

10.​Ordered Space

An ordered space is always a happy and enchanting space. Not just for the bathroom, but another space will love to hold this idea. The planners of this space understood it well and created a well-defined space altogether.

11.​Futuristic geometry

modern Bathroom by LAVRADIO DESIGN

Casa de banho social


The entire space is enveloped in geometric designs and we can’t expect more out of this space. Done beautifully in the shade gray and white, this place is a complete bliss altogether.

12.​Dividing Wall

Focus on the image and you will find the two spaces to be divided by walls with big shelves. Along with giving space for storage and decoration, it even acts as a magnificent divider.

13.​Revealing Efficiency

modern Bathroom by Home Staging Factory
Home Staging Factory

Contemporary bathroom

Home Staging Factory

The bedroom and bathroom of this house are divided by one single wall and we must say it’s a truly practical application.

14.​Bright Colors

Three great colors make this room a perfect choice for washrooms. It’s the blue, green, and orange in one place.

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Which one of these relaxing bathrooms inspired you the most?
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