10 Cleaning Mistakes that You are Probably Making

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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Maintaining a spotless home all the time is a tough task. Even though cleaning is a daily job, we tend to carry some silly mistakes in our everyday life and what we do wrong is hard to find. 

That is why, homify will you the right way to find out these mistakes and how to prevent them.

​No sponge again

When was the last time you washed your cleaning sponge? If the sponge is left uncleaned for a long time, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria’s and viruses. Unknowingly, you are spreading germs to the entire house. Next time you wash the dishes, do put the sponges in the dishwasher and rinse it properly. Some people even opt for replacing the sponge on a regular basis. Also, keep the sponges for pets, kitchen, and toilet separate.

​Spray directly onto the surface

This is one mistake that we all are guilty of, but we will let you change it with simple tweaks. From now on, just spray a little amount of cleaner on the microfiber cloth before cleaning the dirty surfaces. Once cleaned, wipe off the surface with a dry cloth. It will go for all the surfaces, but when it comes to materials like glass, stainless steel, and wood, this is always the right thing to do. On a long run, it is going be time saving and cheap alternative.

​Toilet brush

Toilet brushes are meant to carry out the dirty chores so why not give them a better treatment. After toileting rinse the brush with fresh water and let it dry for five minutes. Once completely dried, put the brush back in the holder.

​Too fast cleaning

A rushed job is the last thing you want your guests to discover. Take the time to clear the room one by one when you are short on time.  Focusing on one task at one time will simplify the whole task says the experts.

Failure to read instruction

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Do you clean your homes with the right products? It takes a lot of time and money in creating the right products for home cleaning.  To let you utilize it to the full, there is an instruction label on the bottle. They are meant for helping the people in proceeding with the right usage. Hold on for a second to read these instructions and then move on with the further use.

Cleaning Window on a Sunny Day

 The sun rays heat up the window panes and when you clean it on a sunny day the soap and foam sticks on the glasses.  All you will get is dirty and window glasses. A great deal will be waiting until the cloudy days for cleaning the window panes.  Clean it in a little humid temperature and enjoy the transparency when the sun shines sin the sky.

Clean from left to right

Wiping with a cloth from the left to right direction leaves dirty marks on the window panes. Go for an S or Z shaped cleaning to get rid of the dirt in a smart way.

Think the better

 More is better for only a few things like chocolates and money, but when it comes to detergents, it is only going to increase the work. Go for only that much of detergent you require in total.

Do not empty the vacuum cleaner

Noticed a strange smell during vacuuming? It can be the overloaded vacuum cleaner. The full bag hinders the proper flow of air in the vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning on electronics

Want to damage your expensive electronics while cleaning? Of course not, yet we do this too often with ordinary detergent. You should never spray anything on a surface. Instead, use a few drops of water on a cloth, or choose only a duster.

We wish you lots of fun with our cleaning tips! For more tips, click here

Which of these mistakes do you do at your home?

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