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14 Perfect Bedrooms for Watching TV

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While it is still being debated whether a bedroom should include a TV or not, for us, a bedroom is incomplete without TV as most of us are used to sleep while watching TV, movie or listening to songs. A bedroom with a bed inclined towards a TV where a big TV screen is mounted ultimately and automatically becomes the Ferrari amongst other bedrooms. Having a TV in the bedroom is a luxury, especially on winter nights as you cannot afford to sit in your living room with a blanket and that too on the discomfort of the Sofa. 

How to make your bedroom perfect to watch TV? Let us look at some pictures by designers on how you should place your bed and TV. Go through the guide and leave your comments. 

1. In the Darker Tones

first floor master bedroom Hasta architects Modern style bedroom
Hasta architects

first floor master bedroom

Hasta architects

Having darker shades and tones on the wall with matching curtain in bedroom comes with an advantage. You can install your screen on the wall and it comes out as a complementary and matching addition to the area. Just like shown above. TV screens appears to be a perfect fit here. 

2. Highlight of the wall

Not all of us fancy the idea of having a well-decorated wall in our bedrooms. In fact, many people prefer to have muted tones of white and gray in sleeping area and here comes the chance. You can then use your TV screen as a wall decor item and place it on a plain wall. It will break the monotony when switched off and once ON, who will care for the color of the walls?

3. TV in the Center

While the purple shades of the rooms depict royalty and class at its best, the TV, right in front of the bed has been mounted in the center of a circular pattern drawn on the wall. Get cozy and sleepy on this low lying bed and enjoy your favorite show. 

4. At your Eyes Level

Height at which the TV screen has been installed plays an important role as you will have to adjust your neck to watch the screen. This room shows a TV screen placed right at the level of eyes in front of the bed and has been locked in between motif designed wall. Brilliant idea!

5. Mismatched Beauty

create your unique world Alag Interior Modern style bedroom
Alag Interior

create your unique world

Alag Interior

No question on what the feature of this room is. The TV screen is surrounded by sleek shelves and simple window on side. We loved to see the space being softened by a few accessories and the beautiful mirror frame on the next wall. 

6. Wide Screen in a Bedroom?

Have you ever seen a large TV in Bedroom? Look at this. We are drawn to the contrast of this design. A simple open bed facing a sleek TV hung on the wall of well furnished wooden planks. The juxtaposition of old and new is continued to the ceiling where a crystal chandelier hangs. It seems only natural a TV would be part of this mix.

7. All White and Open

master bedroom with separate sitting area Square Design Modern style bedroom
Square Design

master bedroom with separate sitting area

Square Design

This heavily carved bed facing to a quite ordinary and linear wall where the TV screen appears to be hanging or hovering above the ground. The curtains in background and the bright light from outside provides life to the room. 

8. A complete Home Theater

What about a room that has a simple and basic bed design and all the creativity put up where the TV has to be mounted. Right from bright ceiling and lights to the clock, small racks to place heavy speakers and family photo frames on sides, the TV appears to be very much special here. 

9. Connected to Bed

If you look at this design carefully, you will realize that the wall that follows the bed proceeds to the ceiling and then becomes the background of the TV screen as well. While the rest of the room is quite modern and filling, the area nearby TV and bed seems traditional. But we loved the small lightings like that of small stars on the rooftop. 

10. Beautifully Customized

SADHWANI BUNGALOW 1 Square Designs Modern style bedroom
1 Square Designs


1 Square Designs

If you are in love with TV then you will fall for this brilliant customization on the wall. The wall, little budged towards teh bed, has a frame on three sides and small racks and drawers beneath the centrally mounted screen. 

11. Sheer Elegance

master bedroom2 A Mans Creation Modern style bedroom
A Mans Creation

master bedroom2

A Mans Creation

While it is hard to locate a TV screen in the room at the start but as soon as you realize it, you will plan to have it at your home. The special corner for the TV has a shelve that appears to be customized, an illuminated craft piece besides the screen and little art pieces on the counter. A complete setting in itself.

12. Modern and Simple

If you have a modern house design that is not high on elegance or artistic creativity, this kind of setting will be suitable for you. A wide and large sized window and both bed and TV screens placed in front of the wall but on opposite sides. 

13. Wide and Flat

What a brilliant idea it is to have a large sized bedroom and even a wider screen within it. A smaller one will not work here as well. Instead of mounting on the wall, better to place it on the shelf so that you can displace it anytime you want.

14. Multi directional

Kids room Mind Studio Modern style bedroom
Mind Studio

Kids room

Mind Studio

If you have a smaller room and no fixed space for TV then buy a circular bed. No matter where your TV goes, you can always face towards it and go ahead with your favorite movie without any stress. 

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