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15 small country houses to inspire you to build one

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The central attraction of a country house is its surrounding and what it shares with its nature. Therefore, the cottage, whether small or large, ensures convenience, comfort, and beauty. 

Today we dare to uncover 15 cottages that are made up of different designs, material, and styles but have one thing in common that is functionality, aesthetic quality, and comfort which serves as an inspiration for those who dream it big to live in a compact and practical cottage. Let us have a look at these designer living cottages.

Cottage with large outdoor terrace

Anyone who is in love with the country life would love to seek intense and direct contact with nature and rural environment. In this cottage, a generous balcony provided with a large outdoor terrace invites the residents to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere inside.

Colonial Style Structure

This cottage has been built with wood structure and two covered roofs with colonial tiles and masonry walls, while showcasing exposed bricks and yellow paint.The terrace around the house functions as an open balcony and serves full integration with the surrounding nature.

House of Masonry Brick Fields

This super compact house stands out in the countryside due to the white washed walls and wooden window frame that has been painted blue. Traditional elements like the chimney and the gable roof enhance the tradition charm of the residence. 

Mixed Culture Cottage

This country successfully combines the prefabricated system of woods with bricks masonry. The sloping roof has been covered with ceramic tiles and wooden frames to show the unity and rustic style of the residence. 

Complete Cottage Style

A compact cottage style chalet that is made of wood can be a perfect solution for spending a comfortable life in bed. In this house, the entrance porch, flower boxes, and greenery adds an irresistible charm to the facade.

Wooden Chalet with Stylized Paint

This wooden stands out for its traditional form and the soft colors of the walls and window frames, which enhance the charm and rustic style of the residence.

Cabin, Steel and Glass

A country house that stands out for its combination of natural materials such as wooden planks lining the outer surfaces, and industrial, such as glass and steel of the window frames and roof.

Cottage complemented with Large Glazed Panels

If you wish to enjoy nature and also contemplate the countryside with modernity then why not employ large glass panels to get a glimpse of nature from everywhere?

Log Home

A log house that has been made of wood logs in painted, raw or apparent blends well with rustic landscape mode of atmosphere.

Lake House

Imagine having a cottage by the lake, as this fully coated wooden chalet wooden boards and a generous glass façade, which provides privileged views of the surroundings and the lake? Pure Gorgeous! 

Modern Style Cottage

This country house with build in wood and high ground level stands as a modern form of pavilion. Moreover, the rustic finish of the wooden planks lining on outer surface look very sturdy and stylish.

A house with Prime location

When it comes to contemplating the natural landscape, the location of the residence must be given priority to the views of surrounding visual attraction. This house of 65 m² explores the views of the surrounding mountains.

Prefabricated Beauty

A prefabricated house made out of woods can perfectly adapt to the landscape and climate of the fields. The advantages include low cost, ability to carry home and the outlooks worth looking and appreciation.

Sustainable Living

Apart from adapting to the rural environment, the cottage can also be sustainable, generating low impact on environment in the construction along with lower power consumption as the prefab passive house will produce more energy than it can consume.

Cottage with Vibrant Colors

This compact cottage, with red-washed walls, terrace with pergola and a wooden deck has all that is necessary for the comfort of its residents.

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