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Furnishing a small living room

Caitlin Hughes Caitlin Hughes
City appartment Hampstead Design Hub Modern study/office
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Perhaps you like to unwind in your lounge in the evenings and enjoy the peace and quiet, or alternatively you may prefer to spend time relaxing with friends or family. Maybe you're more likely to be catching up with work in the comfort of your own home, or curled up reading a good book. The living room is an important space in any household, however it works for you and your lifestyle. Creating a stylish and comfortable living area therefore requires some thought, and it can seem a little daunting if you don't have  much space to work with. Luckily, these great homeware and furniture designs from a selection of top U.K professionals are guaranteed to get some ideas flowing.

Playing with light

Hampstead Design Hub have created a great living space that demonstrates how to make the most of your lounge, based on how you use it. This sleek and simple living room utilises the light to create a sense of space, and the beechwood floor is ideal for a room such as this. Take inspiration from the use of reflective surfaces here, and apply them to your own home, using a table or cabinet to catch the light. Small cream or pastel coloured sofas are another way to keep the room fresh: team them up with some soft furnishings to create warmth and texture. Simple geo prints add a depth to the room, and are perfectly suited to the neutral colour scheme seen here.

Beautiful and simple furniture

Apollo Occasional Table Daniel Heath Studio Living roomSide tables & trays
Daniel Heath Studio

Apollo Occasional Table

Daniel Heath Studio

It is often difficult to find the right size furniture when your space is limited, particularly when you're looking for something special. This Apollo and Astoria Coffee table from Daniel Heath Studio is a perfect example of a beautiful and practical focal point for your living room. It is always a great idea to opt for elegant rather than bulky furniture, and the clever steel mesh design at the base of this coffee table is a great spot to display the books that say something about you. 

Quality seating

Natural Hide Rocking Chair puji Living roomSofas & armchairs

Natural Hide Rocking Chair


When you're pushed for space, create separate seating areas rather than opting for a large couch. These fabulous natural hide chairs by Puji would make a modern and fun addition to a smaller living room. You can see how arranging the furniture this way creates space, with absolutely no compromise on style. The shimmering chrome furniture and clock illustrate again how light is used to open up the room. These colours work together well, with the beige colour scheme offset by the animal print and contemporary accessories.

Quirky prints

It can often feel like you have to make a compromise between creativity and practicality when furnishing a small room, but these lamp shades by Emily Humphrey will add a spark of individuality to your lounge. Kooky vintage prints look great against clean white walls, and help to create a more 'lived-in' feel. Often, it's the little things that really make a room, so have some fun searching for your favourite living room accessories

There's always room for cushions

Amy Sia cushions Amy Sia
Amy Sia

Amy Sia cushions

Amy Sia

Cushions and throws can also bring a splash of colour to the room, as well as making it a cosier place to unwind after a long day at work/running around after the kids/furnishing your apartment…

Mix it up a bit with various complimentary colours or patterns like those pictured here.

The hearth of the home

The hearth really did used to be the heart of the home, and once again, coal and wood fires are warming up living rooms all over the country. Make your fireplace one to envy, whether it's the traditional or modern design that you prefer. You could draw attention to your favourite art work by hanging it in pride of place above the mantelpiece, though if you're more of a tech fan, it could also be a good spot for the T.V, creating more floor space and making the room seem larger. 

Classic beauty never gets old

CANDID FABRIC Candid Fabric HouseholdTextiles
Candid Fabric


Candid Fabric

You could go for a simple, rustic look and keep the décor to a minimum—as you will have heard a million times, less really can be more when it comes to decorating. If you're creating a room around a few staple pieces, it's all about quality. Invest in top materials and, when everything comes together, it will be evident in the result. Take a look at these understated throws and cushions from Candid Fabric: exactly the sort of thing that will fit nicely into any room without going out of fashion.

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