A Playful and Vibrant Apartment in Chennai

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Apartment Remodel, Aegam Aegam Modern living room
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Welcome to Chennai, an Indian city where traditions and modernism have found a harmonious meeting ground. And this gets reflected in the many modern abodes that dot the city’s landscape. This apartment too is one such home which blends contemporary designs with homeliness, vibrant hues with stylish decor accents, and functionality with aesthetic appeal. Keep an eye out especially for the cheerful and colourful kid’s room with its quirky touches. Rendered creatively by the interior designers and decorators at Aegam, this residence is inviting as well as inspiring.

Energetic living

Apartment Remodel, Aegam Aegam Modern living room

Dashes of fiery orange dominate the living space of the house, which features a sleek sectional for adequate seating. White and black cushions add sobering touches, while a patterned red rug adds pizzazz to the pale creamy floor. A decorative mirror on the grey wall and a colourful collage of artworks in the distance make for aesthetic delights here. A sleek traditional cabinet stands against the orange wall near you and helps to store odds and ends, while a vase with stylish branches lends an arty touch.

Stylish and convenient kitchen

Apartment Remodel, Aegam Aegam Modern kitchen

Though the U-shaped layout of the kitchen is slightly on the narrow side, there is ample room to walk around and execute chores with ease. Sleeker avatars of traditional wooden cabinets cater to plentiful storage here, while patterned tiles on the backsplash add pizzazz. A smooth granite countertop, a shiny chrome chimney, modern appliances and a softly glowing pendant lamp complete the look here.

Lively bedroom

Apartment Remodel, Aegam Aegam Modern style bedroom

A powerfully lively shade of green on the feature wall fills the bedroom with unmatched vigour and vitality. Artworks spruce up the wall further, while patterned bedding lends visual interest to the solid wooden bed. In-built closets help in storing everything from clothes to blankets; while a slim mirror on one of the closet doors helps you get ready.

Playful paradise

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The child’s bedroom is an explosion of colours and patterns, with playful touches infusing the space with imaginative and creative bliss. The fun owl prints on the bed, the sheer pink canopy, the quirky red rocking chair and the polka-dotted tent make for a delightful ambiance without any room for worries. Bold grey and white stripes rule the wall behind the bed, while sky blue and white cabinets store anything and everything. Endearing elements like the quaint artworks, the little red tricycle and the chevron patterns on the storage bins transport us to carefree childhood days.

A wall for expression

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The idea of painting one of the nursery walls with chalkboard paint was a unique and wise idea. This canvas allows the child to express herself, her imaginations and ideas, and even learn in a more constructive manner. A quirky wall clock in pink and white stays on top of things to teach the value of time.

We are simply charmed by the joyful hues, attractive patterns and bright ideas of this Chennai home. Hope you are too. Take another tour for more inspiration - Opulent and Open Hyderabad Bungalow.

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