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We give you 13 ideas of what you can do on the roof of you home

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When it comes to utilizing the space within your home then you need to look at all the possibilities. If you are having a roof that really serves to cover the spaces of your room then its the right time to make a move. It might be your one more chance and the reason to enlarge your home without putting in expenses and new bricks.

The roof of your home can be a heavenly space where you can build a guest room, a grill for the weekend, a patio or an extra room for stuff, an orchard or might be your own office. There are simple ample of choices and makeovers that you can give to your space that was once used as a coverage to your home only. Here today, we have brought to you 13 different ideas to be taken into account and then decide what you can, should or need to do in order to fatten your book of ideas for using the terrace

1. Your extra room for Office

An extra room on your terrace that has long been unused can serve as an ideal space for a small office at home. It is an apt space where you can put your work and comes with the advantage that you can organize a place to have a table or pursue any other activity like planting or painting walls that can give a nice view to the terrace. As you can see this picture, the terrace along with colorful plants is brightening the atmosphere and serves as an extension of the house.

2. A Deck to enjoy Scenery

In this roof, the wooden floor has been built to make it a cozier space and there are pots of good size placed. A guardrail on the edges of the roof lets you convert it into a nice place to meet your family. In a case like this, with a view of the city, you can enjoy the scenery, which looks fabulous at night.

3. A garden with Jacuzzi

How about this idea? Have some flower bed with plants that will brighten the environment and have a proper space to build a hot tub that everyone in the family will enjoy? The floor can be covered with the rustic tiles and you can complete the design with outdoor furniture in the same style as shown here, i.e. with table and chairs.The landscape does the rest and enjoy your space recovered.

4. With a floor of Compacted Sand

Instead of placing flooring, it is better to replace a ceramic flooring with waterproofing sand to make it look compact. Economic, fast and useful, waterproofing sand is very useful for such extensions of your home, especially on the roof. It will be great help to cover the large area that previously lay unused and with a little investment, you get ample of space to gather your friends, getting the grill ready for the weekend.

5. Guest Bedroom

If your house is lacking a guest bedroom then what else place can be better to get it instead of the terrace. A bedroom right next to the open space will let you enjoy the nature at its fullest. The ceiling of the room must be built with some right material, or a metal structure having less weight and giving faster construction. Have one and you will feel that you are already ready for the holidays ahead. Your guests too, will feel happy staying there. 

6. Eat with the Backdrop

A portable grill and a good table are all you need if you wish to make something formal and convert the space into a new corner for the party as an extension of your home. Remember to place potted plants around the space to lend a cozy feel to the roof so that you can use the space a lot! In this example, a rustic cement floor solved the termination of this open space.

7. A Light Pergola

If you have an idea of occupying the roof with some activities but also give it an elegant touch then you can do it by building a light pergola for that complete looking space. The wooden floor will lend greater sophistication, and you must not shy away from using furniture that has been treated for outdoor use specially. Almost another room for your house, which will also serve as a gourmet kitchen, if at one end you build you need to have that special corner.

8. Rustic and Fruitful

This roof has been transformed to fruit orchard and it is not difficult to maintain. With comfortable furniture used within the space on a rustic wooden floor, space is all lively and happy to look at. With good pots, you can plant your oranges, lemons, and other favorite fruits, a complicity between rest and the garden of the house. A decoration that stands out for the simplicity, giving importance to color in various accessories has been located.

9. Bar Tables and Ceilings

Coca Cola HQ Roof Terrace Biotecture Balconies, verandas & terraces Plants & flowers

Coca Cola HQ Roof Terrace


An appropriate space for a large family, that is built on the roof terrace, using a long and other small tables with chairs, and a bar for each group to enjoy the outdoor tables. The grounds around the space and light pergola serve this ceiling decoration recovered.

10. Your own Rooftop Garden

If some part of your house you are not using then you can think of this wooden flooring and the roof edge. Your garden will be having the needed air and sun and in times or rain, the plants will be watered automatically. You can reap whatever you like for your salads as such plants need plenty of light and there will be perfect. You can consult some professionals for suggestions and help.

11. Rooftop Pool

You won't believe that this ceiling is located above a room and makes the better place for families to enjoy. A wooden floor along with pool, that might not be as much large as movies, but serves as a refreshing place on warm summer evenings. The space, that was once a roof only, has magically become the favorite spot of the entire family for the evening.

12. Spending Afternoon in Excellence

This kind of flooring will support the sun and the rain and the treated wood will is always a good material that lasts longers. Your room will become additionals space for your home where you have plants, formality of a room that can build your family with the freedom of being on the roof of your house meetings.

13. A Terrace with Large BBQ and Garage Roof

And last but not the least, another idea for roof transformation is to make it a party spot for summers and spring. Install BBQ and some cushy chairs to complement the setting comfort. Get plenty of ideas from here as well.

We loved the office and garden most. What will be your pick from this list?
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