13 Ideas For The Roof Of Your Home

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When you want to make the most of every space in your home, it's fundamental to see and use all the possibilities to their full extent. If your roof really only serves the purpose of covering the rooms beneath it but has the capacity to be a whole lot more (sadly not all roofs will meet the criteria) then why not transform it into a livable, enjoyable and stunning space. 

One of the great advantages of this space is that it can have many uses. From a guest bedroom to a weekend braai spot, a study room or a rooftop garden, two things is clear – versatility is abundant and there is plenty that you can do with a space that was previously used only to cover your home.  Today we provide you with 13 ideas to help you decide what you need, and what will work. It's also advised to check out what our professionals have to say, as they can help you implement the plans in the end.

1. Extra room for the office

If you have an extra, unused room on the roof, then a small office is a great idea. It's also a space where you can set up a table and chairs for just about any activity that tickles your fancy. Considering the space likely gets a lot of sunshine, why not add some plants and turn it into a bit of a rooftop garden? Colourful flowers always brighten a space, after all. 

2. A deck for full enjoyment of scenery

A floor style here was built with one motive in mind—to make it a cosier space. With just a few seats nestled among large pot plants and a sturdy guardrail, the space functions not only as a scenic viewpoint but as a nice meeting place for friends and family. In this case, the view will always take centre stage—but that doesn't mean the style of the rooftop itself should be ignored. 

3. A garden and jacuzzi combination

What do you think of this idea? A few flowerbeds couples with plants to brighten the environment and add life to the space that would otherwise be a bit industrial in appearance. Obviously the key ingredient here is the hot tub/spa/jacuzzi which can be enjoyed by members of the family young and old. 

You can mix up flooring styles, with various tiled options also completely viable. 

4. A compact sand floor

For a true feeling of being by the beach—why not opt for a sand floor instead of something ceramic or wooden? It's economical, fast to install and not only interesting but appealing. 

5. The guest bedroom

Imagine treating your guests to a stunning rooftop room, they'll surely be delighted. You could even choose to spend an occasional night in the room as a little staycation option. 

6. Eating with a picturesque backdrop

All you need in this space is a good table, a braai (portable or built in, your choice) and some nice plant-life and greenery choices to make for a warm and cosy space in touch with nature. The backdrop does the rest of the talking. 

7. A light but stylish pergola

If your idea is to turn the roof into a lively space with an elegant touch, then a pergola is a great option as it brings a great combination of practicality and sophistication. 

8. Rustic with touches of fruit

If you have the light and space to sustain fruit plants, then there's no reason why you shouldn't do it. They look beautiful and they provide you with delicious snacks—so what are you waiting for?

9. Coverage and a few bar tables

Coca Cola HQ Roof Terrace Biotecture Balconies, verandas & terraces Plants & flowers

Coca Cola HQ Roof Terrace


This is the ultimate entertaining space, perfect for a big family or those who love having guests over. 

10. The rooftop garden

garden is always a good option, no matter where you choose to install it. In this case, it works on the rooftop because it blends beautifully into the surrounding environment and leaves space on the deck for other possibilities. 

11. The ideal rooftop pool

So, when we think of rooftops, of course the dream of having a pool comes to mind and one like this is only furthers that desire. The space is small and despite the pool being closer to the size of a bathtub, it looks like the most inviting and relaxing place to wind down after a long day

12. An excellent place to spend the afternoon

This stained/treated timber flooring option supports rain, hail and shine, making it a practical option but also one that is very easy on the eye.

13. A terrace with a large BBQ

Any space that gives the option of a large barbecue is a good one, and if you can find that space on your rooftop then that's even better. BBQing with a view? Yes please! You can see the full project here.

- Based on a translation from homify—Mexico.

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