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12 Bright Ideas Every Indian Kitchen needs

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People using a kitchen on a regular basis tend to set it to suit their personal convenience like storage area for utensils, spices, dry rations and other essentials required in the area. Irrespective of the fact that a kitchen is used for cooking purposes by one or several members of the family, it is always practical to keep essentials in the place they are meant to be. Expert kitchen designers at homify understand that every kithchen has its own challenges in terms of space, layout and budget, so are adept at creating practical kitchens that can accommodate all essential gadgets and implements.

In this ideabook we shall be elaborating on 12 practical essentials that have been identified by our experts as being the most important part of a modern kitchen as they make user’s life smooth and easy around the work area. As all the essentials are located in practically designed locations, they can be easily found be anyone that enters the kitchen without seeking help at every step.

1. Extra counter space

Counter too small? Here is a practical solution of extra shelf fitted under the counter that appears like a wide drawer but is actually a wide shelf that can be used as a counter extension or a table to hold essentials when required. Get it custom built by your modular kitchen designer if the counter is narrow or small to suit your needs.

2. Storage section under island

Setting up an island within the kitchen serves multiple purposes as it can work as an extra counter for preparation and also as a breakfast nook if the dining area is small. Extra storage area in a kitchen is always welcome as it allows user to cut down clutter in the region. When a kitchen island is created taking up floor space then it could serve the region better if some practical storage shelves are accommodated in it too.

3. Industrial design for extra storage

If you are a lover of industrial design style then this smart utensil hanger fitted into the kitchen’s roof could fill your heart with gladness for its practicality and space saving features. The utensil rack can be used for artistically hanging copper pans, pots and spoons that would give the industrial kitchen a trendy old world vibe.

4. Pull out drawers

Items kept within regular shelves in kitchen cabinets sometimes are forgotten when they are kept in the back. A practical solution for this problem is to have cabinets with pull out drawers that can allow users to pull out the entire shelf without fear of dropping anything to see every item within the drawers.  As you can see these shelves are easy to clean and maintain since they are made of stainless steel.

5. Space saving containers and baskets

In a kitchen with limited storage space always have designs that can accommodate more vessels and containers than traditional under counter cabinets. Set up three small pull out baskets instead of standard two which can fit in more more number of smaller containers in the same cabinet which is a practical way to store  small and tall electrical goods and containers that be easily removed and then back.

6. Narrow wall storage

Empty walls along the kitchen galley can be used for this narrow shelf to store easy to stack and remove stuff like recipe books, knife and fork holders, ladles and even dry rations. Designed like a hangar which can be fitted on any empty walls and extending from floor to ceiling, this narrow wall storage facility can be fitted to any empty region of your kitchen or pantry section.

7. Stylish backlit cabinet for glassware

Glassware has a way of bringing out the brilliance of all kinds of artificial lighting, be it candles, LED or regular tube-lights. If you have a nice collection of glassware like stylish glass tumblers , carafes, dinner set etc., located with in an ordinary kitchen cabinet, then why not fit the cabinet doors with LED strips that light up when doors are opened to illustrate your crystals. It certainly does not hurt to get a few appreciative comments for your creativity!! 

8. Trendy roof hanger- bar

Isn't it extremely practical to just lift pans and pots off the hook above your counter and put them on to the stove or any other activity? The trendy roof bar you see here is fitted with hooks and is more visible in professional kitchens like restaurants and bars with beer mugs hanging down. When you have two narrow and parallel counters then it makes sense to create extra storage and save on floor space in the form of a bar mounted on the ceiling.

9. Functional cabinet doors

This large pantry style storage is one of the smartest designed one stop solution for kitchen essentials be it spices, condiments, jams, sauces, juices or cereals all of which have been arranged next to one another. The doors too are fitted with neatly designed racks that fit into the cupboard when door is closed. With an organized layout like this you need to hunt around the kitchen for small bottles and boxes that tend to get misplaced.

10. Large shelves and cabinets

For a razor sharp kitchen free of clutter, it has to have sufficient storage area that can keep everything out of sight behind closed cabinet or larder doors. If you have a long counter that is rarely being used then it is best to close off the area, fit in doors and make it a storage area like this with open shelves.

11. Spherical tap fixture

Bring in latest gadgets and fixtures into the kitchen like the one here to give a stylish fillip to the region. Even a person working in the kitchen needs a change like those who do in an office and what is better than a  stylish kitchen faucet like the one here.

12. Black board

Decorative as great as functional as extremely useful. Missing, you can write will be taken, if you like the motivating words or sayings with süsly can decorative a blackboard in a new generation of kitchen accessories.

If you are interested to check out some more essentials with us here are Practical Kitchen Accessories.

Which of these elements can be suitable for your kitchen? Do let us know in your comments below.

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