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Another day, another discovery here on homify 360°—but you can’t blame us for not being diverse or interesting about our finds, as you never know when we’ll be zooming in on a rustic cottage in Tuscany, a glamorous mansion in Cape Town, or a quaint little suburban home in Tokyo, Japan.

Today’s find, however, takes us to Spain where architectural firm House Habitat treats us to a modern little structure located in a lush and wooded area. But it’s not the landscape (although quite charming, from the looks of it) that has us so excited, but rather this contemporary creation’s commitment to sleek surfaces and elegant spaces, especially when it comes to the interiors.  

In addition, this house certainly knows the importance of fresh air, for it treats its owners to generous glass doors and fabulous terraces to enjoy an abundance of it.

See for yourself!

A strong link with the exteriors

Just like we promised, a spacious and fabulous terrace where the homeowners fortunate enough to inhabit this modern dream can relax, entertain, wine and dine to their hearts’ content while catching some fresh air and landscape views. 

The linear look, typical of the modern style, is in full swing, as can be noted by the timber-panelled deck, as well as the white façade’s design motif. 

Let’s see what those interiors have to offer…

Sleek brightness

A dashing combination of natural light and white surfaces ensure that the interiors are the epitome of sleek spaces. But thankfully the colour palette treats us to some variance in the different hues, as well as materials and patterns. 

The kitchen flaunts a stunning peninsula perfect for cooking, as well as informal dining – just look at those modern stools ready to seat their hosts.

A clean approach to design

Sharing the open-plan layout with the kitchen is the dining room and living room, presented in the same bright sleekness. We need to commend the interior designers for their design- and décor decisions, which take on a very minimalist approach. No overly embellished surfaces, no cluttered corner of keepsakes – just spacious layouts with the necessary beauty spots here and there.

Balanced by light

The dining area is careful not to become too dull or monotonous in its selection of tones, for a bit of monochrome contrast can be detected quite effectively. But it’s the way that natural light swoops inside form both sides of the table that has us delighted.

But the artificial lighting levels seem to be taken care of as well, especially when we see that glamorous chandelier dangling right above the dining table.

The terrace of relaxation

We end our tour where we started it, albeit from a slightly different vantage point. Those magnificent glass doors have been opened fully, allowing a fresh dose of air to circulate throughout the house. 

But we’d much rather have comfy seat here on “the terrace of relaxation”, coined so by ourselves for this area’s clever and stylish approach to rest and relaxation.

What do you think of this terrace? Would a few potted plants or wall art pieces do it justice, or is its clean and calm design perfect as is? 

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