14 kitchen cabinet ideas for your home

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A kitchen is the most functional part of our home and all the objects in the kitchen like glassware, crockery, and cutlery are greatly loved by us. Losing any of these items is dreaded as they represent our style of living. That’s why kitchen cabinets need to be constructed with the most ultimate diligence. 

Here are a few kitchen cabinets for inspiration

1.​Harmony of design and materials

Instead of building plenty of small cabinets, this kitchen has a mix of both big and small sizes imparting a symmetrical look to the house. Three to four colors have been used here to bring the best of combination.

​2.Modern design and thought

This L-shaped kitchen design gives enough space for the cabinets. The open floors keep the entire area in sync with living and dining area. Made out of low-density wood, the kitchen cabinet here gives a classic look.

3.Purple Store

Wines and cookbooks are prized possessions and if you need to keep them on display, go for this cabinet. Along with the closed cabinets, there are even the open ones, letting you show off the treasure. Show your guests the great possession you have in store, it is surely going to impress them.

4.​Large cabinets

Large lacquered cabinets of this kitchen are giving the brightest sense of elegance.The combination of two colors give a great finish to the kitchen and it even works well with the green shades of the wall.

5.Get it in white

The rectangular flow of the kitchen withholds the cabinets with ease. With entirely white shades, the fiberboard cabinets are a great choice altogether.

6.​Elegant wood and glass combination

The stained wood cabinets bring unrivaled elegance to the blue tiled floor. Wood grains make each cabinet impeccably perfect and the glass doors display the arrangement very well.

7.​Rustic Cabinets

Door cabinets of the kitchen have retained rustic symmetry. The handles are tricky enough to bring illusion to your eyes.

8.​Painted kitchen cabinets with granite backsplash

Symmetry has been maintained with white colored cabinets on the wall. The wide metal handles are easy to use even for the kids. Grey granite counter and white colored cupboards on the wall are within the appropriate reach.

9.​Laminated cabinets

Grey and white cabinets with shiny steel handles give a touch of class to this warm kitchen. Cupboards close to the ceiling have been laminated in the same color.

10.​Huge storage

No secrets! No surprises! The shelves have been cleverly arranged to stand by the height and width. Call it the modern day carpentry at its best. All the jars, bottles, and boxes have are in their right places.

11.​Island dreams

The designers have capitalized the size of the kitchen making sure there is enough room for everything. From the island to the lower part of the sink space, you can utilize the whole area for storage purpose. There is no excuse for less storage in this space.

12.​Delightful Draws

Surfing through the pile of knives, dessert spoons, and forks can be really difficult. When each piece is in the designated zone, you can simply open the drawer looking for what lies inside. The wonderful example is custom built and you can determine your budget yourself.


Rounded cabinets can still be the charm of your kitchen. Ditch the misconception that rounded cabinets and doors are going to occupy morespace and give your kitchen a great aesthetic value.

14.​All in one

You have a big kitchen cabinet in the front of this room to showcase the luxury of your kitchen. There is always a chance to flaunt your precious possession with the open cabinets. 

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Which of these kitchen cabinets inspired you the most?

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