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A Smart Apartment of Fuschia Colour

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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Today, we are taking you on the tour of a home in Barcelona . For us, it was a visual delight with the vibrant mix of beautiful colors. The practicality of the house left us speechless, while the shades of the house widened the horizon of imagination. Let’s show you what lies inside this beautiful house.

​Kitchen Opens in the Lounge

Enter the house and you will get into a room with a huge couch to jump on. In the front of the couch lies the TV fitted under lightening shelves. What surprised us was the bright and vibrant kitchen on the side of the living area. 

On the ceiling hangs beautiful light decors with twinkling lights all over. White, black, and fuschia, the blend of the three colors is just the perfect solution for the entire space. A marvelous job by the designers of the house!

​Open Kitchen

The open kitchen of this house is done in vibrant fuchsia color. The upper cabinets of the place are soaked in black shades and it is truly enchanting to the eyes. 

All the kitchen devices and wires are placed without a sign of mess. We could not get the glimpse of a simple utensil outside. Surely the cabinets of the kitchen is nicely done to maintain the décor. We call it an out of box idea with true results.

​What lies inside

We can see huge containers placed in the cabinets with ease. On the side of it is a cabinet with proper space for the utensils. Even the metallic tap on the sink is adding to the elegance of the house. The homeowner has some real taste to pick in the colorful containers.

​Integrated Office

Can you ever imagine an office integrated with the kitchen?  With one comfortable table and enough sockets for laptop and printers and space for book shelves and stationary, this is a real all-in-one office place. We can't stop appreciating the masterwork done by the designer of the house. A well thought practical space for all your needs.

​Storage Cabinets

A huge black cabinet stands just behind the study area. There is proper storage for everything in there. From books to your daily need items, keep it all in one place without messing.We even like the fine flowery prints on the both sides of the cabinets. Separating the space, on one side of it stands the beautiful combination of pink and gray while on the other side it is white and black.

​Open cabinet lightbox

We couldn’t notice the light box fitted  on the white and black wall. All the mess of the house, we mean to say the wires which are typically difficult to arrange are hiding inside this wall cabinet. And, this is surely a challenge to find it out.

​Dining Room

Just behind the living space is the dining area. What’s great about this place is that there is no wall to occupy loads of space. The simple difference among the living and dining area has been defined by the wall textures and sitting arrangement. A glass table stands behind the sofas with comfy chairs around it. We must say that the entire spaces have been utilized up to a great extent.

​What’s Below the Sitting Place

What we assumed to be a simple sofa space in the living area is a multiple storage cabinet. Yes, that’s a place where you can store the less used articles without creating any clutter.


After fuchsia, it is the vibrant red slab of the washroom that gained our attention. This is typically the best  experiment a designer can come up with. For us, it a visual treat all together and you should surely try one like this in your home.

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Which part of this Fuschia house inspired you the most?
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