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18 Inspiring Kitchen Ideas to Copy

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
Minimalist kitchen by Sebastián Bayona Bayeltecnics Design Minimalist
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Call it the cook’s house, chef’s bonjwa, or kid’s favorite spot; a kitchen is always the soul of a house. This is one such place that always brings delight in the form of scrumptious food, so, never compromise on your kitchen’s design. homify, brings for you just the perfect kitchen deigns to incorporate in your place.

1.​Redefining elegance

Nothing could have been better than these two red chairs placed in this kitchen and to complement it hangs same shade of light décors. The bamboo stick standing in the kitchen rock bed is also working well with the interior.

2.​Purple room

White space with purple walls, what can be more enchanting than this décor in the kitchen. All the cabinets and ceiling job is done in white and just the walls remain in purple color.

​3.Blue Lights

What will you say about the blue lights of this kitchen? Truly an inspiring job by the designers. Just one small tweak and the charm of the place have been doubled.

4.​Lights for the chef

Did you ever think of this? Lights in the chimney, a right place to observe your recipe closely. Watch out for the color of your recipe.

5.​Vibrant Touch

Orange and white is no less than purple and white! A vibrant touch in the kitchen interior. White contemporary chairs seem to be the special addition in this room.

6.​Subtle Space

It’s a nice combination of grey and white and we can’t ask for more in this aesthetically perfect kitchen module. White lights illuminating the grey space is more of an icing on the cake.

7.Dine in Please

Designers of this kitchen have ensured the comfort of the entire family by placing a small, white table with two chairs in this kitchen.


What catch our eye in this kitchen are the small checks of grey and black that leaves a dazzling impact in the interior.

9.Painted in Pink

Once again a magnificent example of kitchen designs. The walls are painted in a beautiful shade of pink and to fill in the drama, even the sink has this color.

10.Longing for more?

One of the best ways to utilize the small kitchen space. The designers have even given a comfy breakfast space here.

11.Bringing the Greenery in

A small effort to add fine greenery in the kitchen and it is surely working well in the kitchen. An idea worth copying.

12.Playing with the size

This kitchen is stunning and pretty smart in the same time. Every inch of it shows correct utilization of time.

13.​Toned down

A huge kitchen island, luxurious sitting, and the blend of grey and white illuminated with finer lights, everything is at place in this kitchen.

14.​Rustic combination

White marble with black rough work on it defines the counter top of this kitchen island and it goes well with the white and black kitchen.

​15.All in white

Simple, yellow, and graceful is the right words to describe a mostly white kitchen space like this. For us it’s a true win-win.

16.​Modern blend of Wood

Mostly done in black, this small kitchen module is practical idea for small homes.


Our focus in this kitchen is one the zig zagged wall seperating the kitchen from the other areas. Cleverly done and aesthetic appeals.

18.​Metallic Light

There hang a big metallic light holder just above the dining area and we must say it is serving the right purpose.

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Which of these kitchens inspired you the most?
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