​An old Johannesburg kitchen gets a beautiful new style

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Here on homify, we are all about style and quality, but not necessarily brand-new style. Some of the most striking designs we showcase come from old structures that got a second chance in life thanks to a renovation or makeover.

Such was the case with today’s piece, an old kitchen that most certainly did not look like the heart of any home. In severe need of both beauty and functionality, the space was tackled by professional team Bosskitchens, situated in Johannesburg, who prides themselves on top-quality designs and a commitment to excellence.

Let’s see what they achieved with this very underwhelming space, shall we?

Before: a very impractical space

It’s no wonder that a makeover was deemed essential for this old space. If it wasn’t for the oven and sink (both of which are severely outdated), there wouldn’t by any clue that this was supposed to be a kitchen.

Before: the unused area

The other side of the room was just as – if not more – unused and overtired. Although the dark-grey floor tiles showed some promise, they were in desperate need of some decent cleaning.

The walls, however, were seriously seeking attention – that washed-out white was not doing anything for the space.

Before: storage that needs an update

Before the renovation started, this sad cabinet was the only available storage space in the old kitchen. It goes without saying that this feature does absolutely nothing for this space, nor would it for any other space. 

But enough of the negativity; time to see what the designers had in mind!

The design

As the kitchen has a very elongated view, the designers decided to divide it up into sections: one for storage, one for food prepping and cooking, and a pantry/scullery section where the kitchen utilities and accessories would also be kept. 

The top left side of this artistic rendering shows us a half-wall section, which was created with two functions in mind: as a space separator from the adjoining room, and an informal dining area (like a peninsula).

After: a jovial new look

Finally, some style and colours! Our designers opted for a clean look via the white cabinetry (brand new), mixed with some contemporary style thanks to the dark marble countertops. 

To offset superbly with both these neutrals, the walls were adorned with a bright sky-blue tone. Notice how beautifully it adds both colour and pattern, especially at the back of the open cabinetry/shelf in the top middle. 

LED strip lights were also added in underneath the cabinetry, complementing the new colours and features most splendidly.

After: the bright new space

Taking a few steps back allows us to see the entire kitchen. What a difference all those new cabinets and drawers make, ensuring more than ample storage space for all those kitchen utensils and accessories. 

A touch of silver is also added to the new colour palette, thanks to the fridge on the right. Notice how incoming daylight rejuvenates those new tones, especially the bright blue of the walls.

Definitely a successful transformation that includes both functionality and aesthetic appeal in the final result!  

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