12 little tricks that increase the value of your home

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Every home irrespective of its size, utilities and décor is the sole refuge for the tired body and mind after a long day at work or study. This is the place where families nurture relationships and children imbibe values that help them grow into respectable members of society. To keep the family happy a home should be clean and welcoming to its residents and also guests that may visit.

In this we shall explore 12 smart and exciting ideas to keep your house presentable and also improve its value if you have plans to sell or rent the property in the future. These details may be small and not outrightly noticeable, but we are confident these will meet your needs when applied in real world.

1. Soothing neutral tones

Combination of neutral tones creates an enchanting atmosphere that is always pleasing to the eye. Colors like grey, cream, white, lavender and beige make the home presentable for stay and show to prospective customers.

2. Control moisture and avoid stains

Control seepage of water and moisture into your home as it could lead to long time troube like ugly stained walls followed by gradual peeling of paint from walls. Wooden floors are most vulnerable to stains and damage from moisture than regular tiled floors so extra care needs to be taken for maintenance. Ensure that your home is completely waterproof before moving in and take care to avoid moisture stains due to excess humidity.

3. Spotless carpets and floors

Every home has carpets, rugs and doormats to enhance the flooring or just to match up with existing furniture and décor. Take a periodic inspection and remove worn out and stained soft flooring that cannot be washed or restored as it can cause ill-health to family members and also be a big turn-off to prospective buyers.

4. Are all light fittings are working perfectly?

A well-lighted home spreads brightness and cheer both inside and outside the house. Poorly lighted homes are depressing for its residents and also cause accidents as they tend to fall or stumble over objects that are not clearly visible. When you are showcasing a home with a chandelier as this, inspect every lighting system to check if it is working properly to bring out the grandeur of the dining room and dazzle prospective buyers.

5. Get rid of cracked or chipped glass surfaces

According to teachings of ancient religions, presence of broken and chipped glass in the house bring poverty and ill luck to its family members as the glass can never be restored back to former glory. In several societies people avoid buying homes with cracked windows and broken glass cabinets as they consider it a sign of misfortune. So remember to change cracked and chipped glass surfaces at your residence and keep the good ones spotlessly clean if you are showing it to a prospective buyer. 

6. Maintain clean air quality

Always maintain fresh air in the house and try to avoid stale odor in rooms where there is little natural air or sunshine with dehumidifiers and air dispensers. Good air quality can be maintained by keeping your windows open to let in as much fresh air as possible and also keeping carpets and heavy furniture free of dust and contaminants that can cause allergies.

7. Simple and stylish decor

A home need not be decked with expensive furniture and carpets to make it presentable as even this simple industrial style kitchen and dining region looks smart with stylish furniture and understated decor. 

8. Unblemished tiles

Even the most expensive and hardy tiles can get scratched and chipped and even dull with age over a period of time. While homeowners can live with it, buyers would not like to move into a home with such imperfections and can try to use it this factor to reduce the asking price of your house. So why give them a chance to find fault ? Get an expert's opinion to see if old tiles in bathroom and kitchen that face the maximum damage can be polished to bring back old sheen or can be replaced in certain areas to cover imperfections .

9. Paint exteriors and interiors

All those paint commercials do not lie when they show how a homeowner's prestige goes up by several notches with a fresh coat of paint on house's exteriors and interiors. Use the forthcoming festival season as an excuse to give your home a fresh coat of paint and bask in the glory or appreciative glances from neighbors and passing public. Throw in a few decorative elements if you want them to come up and appreciate your creativity personally!!

10. Impressive entrance

Just as eyes are windows to a person's soul, an entrance door gives visitors a vision about how the house's interiors are likely to be. The main entrance creates a lasting impression and should be clean, sturdy and presentable with cheerful adornments. If the house is being readied for sale then examine illumination around the entrance to ensure it is bright and there are no dark corners.  

11. Sustainable outdoors

If you have a garden and a covered garage, keep the well maintained and in running condition to create a good impression. No prospective buyer will walk come back to a house with unkempt garden and broken garage door.

12. Declutter and clean

Even if you are moving out try to keep clutter like packing boxes , old furniture and extra stuff that you are planning to discard away from public eye when a prospective buyer is visiting. Even in a regular family home try to keep clutter at a minimum by discarded broken, unused objects on a regular basis. 

We are sure that these tips will help you get the best price for your house and if you are looking for some more, here are some more Tips to make your home interiors look unique which will certainly earn admiring adjectives from friends and acquaintances.

Would you like to make a few more additions to these suggestions to improve market value of your house? Do write in with your comments below.

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