13 Ideas for Hanging a Hammock Inside your Small Home

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Hammocks have long been a part of memories for most of us. These special elements provide you comfort, space-efficient resting, and sleeping arrangement when you need an additional bed or when you are too much tired and want a break! The best part is that they fold up during daytime, when they are not in use and free up the living space. Hammocks can be installed in the favorite corner of your home, be it in front of a window or entertain systems, thus lending you hours of relaxations. You will be surprised to know that they do not require any sort of advanced handyman skills to be installed. You are not required to extract details and use a lot of hardware to get it done. 

Proper installation and use of hammock can prevent the damage to the wall and possible injuries to the users and that is why, today, we have brought to you a guide on how you can hang and enjoy hammock within a small home. Let us read through the guide to know more.

1. Low Rise Hammock for Kids

Children's Cotton Hammock Emilyhannah Ltd Garden Furniture
Emilyhannah Ltd

Children's Cotton Hammock

Emilyhannah Ltd

If you are planning to have a hammock for your kid then there is definitely no use of installing it at a high. Keep it in the corner and low rise to help them step on it by themselves. High rising hammock will not only turn out to be risky for your kid but will also stay useless till the time he or she is himself able to reach it. 

2. Hammock within Stands

Unity Single Hammock 2016 Trinity hammocks Pool Textile White
Trinity hammocks

Unity Single Hammock 2016

Trinity hammocks

The traditional variants of hammock used to be tied into the hooks emerging from ceiling or walls but thanks to evolution, we have more choices now. Not all of us are blessed with those hooks or have the scope to get them installed now and that is why, hammock with stand are a great idea.

If you have a small home then a hammock like this will go great as it can be placed within a room or balcony and once used, can be folded back and stored for next time.

3. Little and Sharp Design

Iguana Fire Cotton Hanging Chair Emilyhannah Ltd Garden Furniture
Emilyhannah Ltd

Iguana Fire Cotton Hanging Chair

Emilyhannah Ltd

There is no guide or rule that these hammocks must only be used to laze around and sleep. You can also use them as regular swings and get the comfortable sitting experience. The above inspiration shows you how a smaller area can be utilized at its best by bringing a hammock that hangs on a single hook and is well supported through ropes. Full safety and comfort and you won't mind having it like that even when not in use.

4. Plain and Chic

Iguana Lemon Single Cotton Hammock Emilyhannah Ltd Garden Furniture
Emilyhannah Ltd

Iguana Lemon Single Cotton Hammock

Emilyhannah Ltd

The most common forms of hammocks are the one as shown above. You can hang it in your balcony, over your terrace, within the living room or hallways, especially if you are a Bachelor. Replace your bed with something as conservative as this. Buy high quality hammocks for best comfort and installation.

5. Hanging Sofa

We all have sofa sets at our homes and whether you agree or not, they tend to cover up a lot of floor space. Why not eliminate them and use a hanging sofa instead? They are not your usual sofa supported by chains and ropes but a special variant of swings that is hooked to the ceiling and stays a few feets above the ground. It can easily hold 2 people and can be installed within the bedroom or nearby balcony or gallery area.

6. Hanging Chairs

Hammock RAHM 008 Sunday Furniture Garden Furniture
Sunday Furniture

Hammock RAHM 008

Sunday Furniture

For those, who love to spend time alone and reading or watching TV, there is nothing that can be better and replace the hanging chairs. They are space saving, spacious from inside, provide comfort of that of a hammock and yes, they look elegant for all kinds of room. No installation needed, just bring them home and allot them a special corner of your room.

7. Modern Hanging Swings

While the usually bamboo style hanging chairs are still in fashion, modernity has taken over and hanging swings like above can also be a good pick. They combine the comfort of chair and are installed like hammocks and thus, more space saving and more beautiful. This small and easy to install item can be used anywhere and it will not ruin the beauty of space!

8. Traditional Swings

Almost all of us have, at least we Indians, have seen such swings and they form a special part of our memories. The traditional swings were made sans any decor and they still form the most beautiful decor relating to our emotions. One wooden platter, 2 ropes and 2 hooks and you are ready to hang it up in your home.

9. Royal Hanging Chair

If you wish for a hammock or swing at your home but do not want to compromise with the beauty of modern and designer decor of your home then opt for these kinds of royal looking hanging swings. They are a good element for houses that have elderly couples as they can easily sit on these comfortable and cushy chairs without any risk of falling or slipping.

10. Well Tucked Hammock

Another brilliant design for hammock installation where you don't need to hang them on the walls and ruin the beauty of ceilings. Just bring a well tucked and organized hammock and use it whenever needed. The are steep and won't hold much space. And guess what? They won't be permanently hanging over your head, even when you don't need them anymore.

11. In the perfect Corner

A small and asymmetrical room like this gives a lot of hopes to comfort lovers. For instance, we have this high rise hanging a hammock on the corner, right in front of the glass walls where you can lie for hours and gaze the natural beauty or a busy road outside. Seems a perfect fit for such a beautiful setting.

12. In the Living Room

Living single comes with plenty of benefits and privileges and one of them is that you can hang anything anywhere, without getting concerned. For instance, this hammock which is placed within the living room and yet looks  a comfortable choice for the owner. Gather your friends and enjoy the party.

13. Hanging Chair in the corner

And those cushy or wooden hanging chairs sometimes do not go well with the aesthetics of your home or it might be that you want something light and chic. For such situations, you always have alternatives like this. A corner hanging chair made of ropes which are complementary to this rustic design room. Why occupy floor space with chairs when you can fly into the air!

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