The uncharismatic kitchen that got a complete overhaul

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For anyone who loves to experiment with home cooking and channel their inner Master chef, it will come as no surprise that most kitchens are seriously lacking. Perhaps there's not enough storage space, or the workbenches are too low, or maybe the room is just one big disorganized chaos. Even a simple annoyance like not having power sockets, (or having them in the wrong places), can turn cooking into a nightmare. Whatever the problem, and however big the space, kitchens are difficult to get right. 

On the menu today, we take a look at how the cabinet specialists at BossKitchens have transformed a lackluster space into a highly functional kitchen. By adding plenty of cupboards, drawers, benches, upgrading appliances and even building a new pantry, the remodeling team have made this kitchen perfect for preparing those Michelin star meals in. 

Cluttered And Disorganised

While the surfaces are still in pretty good condition, the organisation of the whole room could be improved a thousand fold. The refrigerator is awkwardly squashed in the corner and hard to access. 

Here it feels more like a walk through closet space, rather than the heart of the house where you would want to spend hours coming up with new recipes. A modern day kitchen needs to be clean, tidy and welcoming—this is none of those things. 

A Waste Of Space

On the right hand side of the photograph, we have ill-fitting appliances (see how the workbench is too narrow for the washing machine) and wasted space. The waste bin takes up far too much room, and once again there is not enough space for the important things in the kitchen. 

Is the cutlery easy to access? Where can you store cleaning products? Spare bowls? Kitchen whizzes? These are important issues to address if you want an all-star kitchen. 

The Revised Menu

And here: the vision of the makeover (for the left hand side that we saw in the first image). Rows of high cupboards now line almost the entire wall—above and below the workbench. The refrigerator has been shuffled around to face the middle of the room—much easier to use! 

The oven and range hood have been upgraded, and now there is even a dedicated space for a microwave. Now there is enough room for all the mod cons.    

New Ingredients

Several new ingredients have been introduced with the redesign. The tiling on the walls have been updated. Surfaces have been modernised, and actually fit the appliances that are housed underneath (the washing machine doesn't poke out!) And a slick dishwasher has also been added below the workbench.

Again, more cupboards are installed into the corner—an ideal place to keep extra containers, products, appliances. You name it, this kitchen now has it. 

The Master Plan

Design Top View including pantry addition. Boss Custom Kitchens (PTY)LTD
Boss Custom Kitchens (PTY)LTD

Design Top View including pantry addition.

Boss Custom Kitchens (PTY)LTD

From the bird's eye view you can see just what a great plan this is. As this kitchen is not the biggest one out there, every inch of space has to be utilized—and now it has! 

You can also see just where the pantry has been added. Such a special bonus for any kitchen—who wouldn't want a separated space that is dark and dry to keep all of your produce safe in? 

Open For Business

And here is what it looks like now. Quality ceramic tiling, polished granite counter tops, state of the art range hood and set-in stove top. Plenty of functioning cupboards. 

The style is kept classic, modern and streamlined in white, gray, silver and black. The touch of turquoise tiling  on the wall adds a charming detail. This is now a kitchen ready for action! 

If you want even more ideas on how to create storage for your kitchen check these ten tips out.

Under New Management

And the final view of the left side. What was a messy area before lacking in character and order, now is a pleasant and efficient work space. Just look at that corner of cabinets—such clever design that really fits to the proportions of the kitchen. 

Below that microwave are now professional-grade oven drawers. If the cook in this household wasn't whipping up inspiring meals before, they will be soon enough! 

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