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7 Vastu tips for inviting wealth into your home

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Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian system of architecture that prescribes the dos and don'ts for designing and building a home to maximize happiness and prosperity. All of us would love to have a home that is blessed with wealth, so there’s no harm in trying to achieve this by using Vastu principles aimed at keeping Lord Kuber, the god of wealth, happy.

Many of the principles are more relevant to home construction as they prescribe the right direction in which a particular room or feature must be placed. However, with the current trend of apartment living, we have to make the most of an available space and are often restricted from breaking down the outer walls of the unit to meet Vastu's directional guidelines.

We’ve picked these simple Vastu tips that anyone can use to improve the flow of wealth into their home. All you need is a compass to get an idea of the direction of the layout.

​1.Create a welcoming entrance

A well-decorated and aesthetically pleasing entrance invites fortune into your home. So keep the area well-lit, clean and beautiful. It's quite common to see lovely accessories and Vastu trees at home in Tamil Nadu as it is believed to welcome positivity.

2.​Clutter-free North East

The north-eastern corner of your home is considered as the highly effective Vastu Kubera corner. Hence, avoid cluttering this area to keep the flow of wealth smooth. Try to ensure that there are no high-rise structures or tall trees in the northeast, obstructing the flow of energy.

3.​Flowing water in the North East

It’s a good idea to place a fountain or an aquarium in the north east corner of your home. The constant flow of water brings positive energy to the area, enhancing the flow of wealth. If you are getting an aquarium, ensure that it has a pump to provide aeration and keep it clean to experience the benefits.

4.Spotless doors and windows

Are you experiencing the ill-effects of dirty or dusty doors and a pigeon nest in house? Vastu suggests keeping doors and windows absolutely clean. Additionally, windows cause an obstruction in the financial flow in your home. Make sure that your windows and doors are cleaned regularly. Similarly, a pigeon nest can create instability in finances and hence, you must completely stop the bird from building a nest in any part of the house.

5.​Feed the birds

It’s true! Feeding grain to birds is a way of improving the financial flow into your home. If you have a yard or a garden placing a bird feeder or a bird bath is an easy way to do this. In an apartment with a balcony, a hanging bird feeder is a good option.

​6.Decorate with purple

Purple is the colour that is associated with wealth. Use it in your home to bring in money. It’s a bold colour that not everyone would be comfortable with using. However, you can subtly introduce it through a cushion cover, an indoor plant with purple foliage or even a purple planter with a money plant growing in it.

​7.Reflect your money

If you have a cash locker at home in a cupboard or in a home office, place a mirror on the wall opposite the door of the locker so that it reflects your money whenever you open the locker. This is believed to increase the amount of wealth in your home.

Try these tips to see if they help you. For more interesting tips on using Vastu in your home, visit this ideabook.

Some other useful tips

According to Vastu Shastra, make sure that all the clocks in your house are in a working condition. As it is believed that slow and non-functional watches reflect unexpected delays and stagnation in your finances, and this further affects your mental-health. Also, ask the professionals to position the clocks in north or northeast direction to attract wealth in your homes.

If you are looking for a Feng Shui tip that can increase your wealth then a smiling buddha can definitely serve your purpose. Nowadays, a laughing buddha in the form of a painting, wallpaper and statue can be seen in almost every type of living room of Indian homes. It reduces tension, increases finances, offers clarity in thought, and ultimately eliminates negative energy from the house.

Which of these tips are you going to try? Respond in the comments.

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