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7 Mistakes to Avoid as per Vaastu Shastra at Your Home

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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A great deal of time is occupied in turning a place into your home. Even a slight mistake in the decor arrangement can attract the negative vibes in. 

To lead a harmonious life, you need lots and lots of positive energy around you and to help you with it, vaastu brings the perfect home solutions for you. Follow these simple tips and you are going to witness a remarkable change in your lifestyle.

​Avoid dark colors

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Master Bedroom


Colors used in the house can make or break your mood. You might not be aware of it, but they do have a significant effect on the behavior you are leading. That is why, dark colors need to be avoided. 

Try to go for colors like blue, yellow, white, and dark green.  Some of the shades that you need to avoid are red, black, and grey (mostly at the entrance). For those who like the concept of color break, paint one wall of the house in dark color and let the others breathe in some brighter shades.

​Throw out thorny plants

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Passage area


Anything related to thorns is avoided in the Indian culture. The same goes with plants. You need to avoid plants like cactus. Also, the plants with red flowers and bonsai trees should not to be placed inside the house. 

You may need to avoid placing potted plants in the northeast corner of the house. Even the north and east walls are forbidden for such placement. Opt for something auspicious like the basil and money plant, as they are known for bringing prosperity and wealth.

​Northern corner for bed

Never place your bed in the northern corner of the house as it is said to bring bad dreams and negative vibes. Also, you should avoid sleeping in the north direction for better lifestyle.

Avoid overhead beams

Exposed beams are a big no according to the rules of Vaastu. They tend to leave a depressing effect on the family members which can to lead to disagreements and arguments. If you find it difficult to remove the exposed beams, at least avoid sitting below the overhead beams. 

False ceilings can help you mask these beams, plus they are also aesthetically appealing.

​No clutter in the bedroom

Clutter is any way is the sign of chaos and even Vaastu is against it. Vaastu believes that cluttering of things around the bed and sitting area is associated with negative vibes. Bedroom is an area where you find peace.  

Don’t place anything under the bed as they can affect the subconscious mind and cause disruption during the sleep. Go by the strict rules of Vaastu and it even forbids placing shoes under the bed. Always try to keep the bedroom neat and clean, making the place optimal for a peaceful sleep.

​Northern elements

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Unique Landscapes

Lion Head Water Fountain

Unique Landscapes

For the northern corners of the house, you should go for the water elements. Anything like RO, water bottles or washrooms can be in this corner of the house.

​Mirror and bed

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Mirrors are known to hinder your sleep. A top-notch designer will always keep the mirrors away from the normal sight, especially away from the bed.  

Whatever is displayed in your home, it should be pleasing to the eyes, bringing happiness to those who observe it. It is said that your home is where you heart is so make sure it is filled with the right things at the right place. Rest you can enjoy the positive atmosphere in bliss with more homify tips.

Which of these Vaastu Shastra mistakes are present in your home?
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