15 small bathrooms to see before you renovate yours

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Make your bathroom a cozy place that requires full and careful attention to the details. After all, it is an essential space of your house where you dedicated yourself to the care and groom your body. It is an important corner where you start and end your days in a relaxing and serene environment. Better say, it is a vital environment for the quality of life. If you need to upgrade and renovate your bathroom, we have gathered some great ideas and guides, produced by expert designers. We believe these ideas will serve as a starting point and inspiration for you.

1. Do not forget the Bathroom

Wood is always a great option to lend a natural appeal to the bathroom area. However, the choice of material should be made carefully in this context because when it comes to choosing wood, it must be sealed properly to resist moisture.

2. Mosaic Decoration

The possibilities of decorating bathroom with tiles and mosaics are endless and one of the interesting options is to decorate them with colorful mosaic, as you can see in the images. Geometrical patterns and colors are always functional and create a pleasant balance. 

3. Natural Touch

A natural touch of paints walls covered with stone and potted plants can make a difference to completely relax in the bathroom.

4. Stone Elegance

The exposed stones are capable of creating a spectacular game of contrasts. You must enhance the natural texture through clever lighting arrangement.

5. Luxury Finishing

The use of marble is an excellent and elegant choice allowing you to enjoy enrichment of the bathroom with natural patterns carves out of great delicacy and light sophistication.

6. One of the other

Sometimes the light becomes the color. Emanating from the inside of the base of the sink, the LED light in the above image creates a surprising texture of reflections, shadows, high-impact shades.

7. Eclectic Style

If you own a small bathroom then use the eclectic style decor and exploit every single corner of the bath area. Make the overall look get organic. 

8. The Beauty of Textures

To identify the different portions and functions of your bath area without resorting to sharp separations, an effective option is to use a differentiation in textures on the surfaces, as we can see, to associate with the use of multiplication of targeted light spots.

9. Popping the Colors Out

Use the colors as an increasingly viable option to make space livelier. As you can see in this example that the bright red shade has been used to cover the ceiling to make it liverlier and dominating the white space.

10. Rustic and Modern

The bathroom we see in the above image is a wonderful example on how to blend the rustic and modern appeal. The wood and stone are used effectively, creating functional spaces full of warmth.

11. Raw Concrete Walls

Cement is an interesting material from the perspective of bathroom planning. Essential, rigorous, but also able to be snug and warm, thanks to a clever use of light.

12. Natural Lights

The maximum use of natural light in the bathroom is an ideal solution to create a balanced and pleasant configuration.

13. Create new spacs

Shelves and cabinets are a useful accessory that can be made invisible in space by hiding from the view. To create new space, create corners that are able to be functional without cluttering or stuffing up the bathroom.

14. Single Bathroom

A shower having multiple jets, at different heights and different intensities.For a relieving and relaxing bath and to find new energy, use natural lights.

15. Magic of Mirrors

Mirrors are an inevitable element in the bathroom that also serve as a potential solution to broaden the natural boundaries when limited volumes are available. In this case, the wider the reflective surface is better.

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