14 Things Guests Hate When they Visit your Home

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
Helmsley, Prestigious Textiles Prestigious Textiles Classic style dining room
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We love it when family and friends gather for dinner parties during weekends or some special occasions. Food, drink, and gossip, the fun in unlimited on such days, but did you know that one of the major topics of discussion at such parties is your house? Interior, décor, and even the carpets are discussed for their aesthetic values.

We want to warn you in advance that it is going to be a revealing article, uncovering all the secrets your guests can talk about your house. Mainly it is dislike; so, gather the guts to listen to some bitter truth.

​Door bell doesn’t work

Riggsacre, Corbridge, MWE Architects MWE Architects Modern houses

We can’t blame it on the guests for talking about this frustrating experience as waiting at the door for someone to open is quite annoying. Especially when you find the doorbells to be muted or broken. So, shun away your laziness and call a technician today only.

​Where to put those shoes

Manhattan Micro-Loft, Specht Architects Specht Architects Modern corridor, hallway & stairs

The only thing annoying than a host asking you to take off your shoes is, not finding a place to keep your shoes.

Never underestimate one’s shoes, we never know how precious the shoes are to them. Assign a subtle space for shoes, if you want them off the feet.

​Where is the bathroom?

The Broadway, SW19 - Extension & Bathroom Renovation, Grand Design London Ltd Grand Design London Ltd Classic style bathroom

Being a guest one of the most hesitating part of a party is finding the washroom. A good host will never let the guests ask for one. Make sure you tell your guests about it in advance. Believe us; you are saving them from a lot embarrassment.

​Looking for towels or toilet rolls

Fairways at the Bishops Avenue, Celia Sawyer Luxury Interiors Celia Sawyer Luxury Interiors Modern bathroom

Having convenient drawers and towel racks not only improve the aesthetic value of a room, but also give the ease of locating washroom essentials for your guests. Being at a place that you are not used to, it is difficult to find small things like towels and toilet rolls.

​Being Nosey

homify Minimalist bedroom

We humans have a tendency to get a bit nosey, no matter where we are. So, if you are planning to hide your things behind those huge cupboards, drop the plan. A better idea will be sticking to open closets so that the guests won’t have to spend hours imagining the assets behind those closed doors.

​Which fork is it again?

Helmsley, Prestigious Textiles Prestigious Textiles Classic style dining room

Well, this is a party and you need to let your guests relax by keeping things a little informal. In order to become a great host people sometimes reach the limit of sophistication and that causes insecurity and discomfort among guests.

​Your funky home might be intimidating for the guests

homify Modern dining room

Your house is beautiful and your guests are going to appreciate it any way but, you don’t have to harp about it as it can stimulate a sense of awkwardness. 

​Not being allowed to help with dinner may frustrate your guests

Rear Extension, Oakman Oakman Modern dining room

Allowing the guests to contribute in the party arrangement will make them feel included. Else, they might feel left aside and ignored.

​Is it too hot inside?

homify Modern living room

We all have varying ambient temperatures, but it won’t go well with all the guests. While some like it a bit toasty the others will demand an open window.

​The seating arrangement

Richmond Full House Refurbishment, A1 Lofts and Extensions A1 Lofts and Extensions Minimalist living room

There are often three age groups that need to be focused during a party. While a low floor arrangement will work best for the young and mid aged guests, for the elders you need to look for something pretty comfortable.

​Keep the interest mainstream

Bloominville Storage Unit House Envy Scandinavian style living room

You may have a deep passion for certain music or painting, but asking guest’s opinion will only make them uncomfortable. Think twice before asking for an outlook on such topics.

​Sense of music

The Gables, Patalab Architecture Patalab Architecture Modern living room

Some of us like jazz while others go for the beats of the 90s. What’s best suited for a party? Whatever you play, make sure it is upbeat and relevant as no one is interested in your personal favorites.

​Don’t create envy

Lily Pond homify Scandinavian style walls & floors

Even having a great sense of style can create envy in the guests. Better don’t flaunt it too much.

Being too comfortable

Moroccan style garden Gullaksen Architects Mediterranean style garden

If the arrangement is too cozy and pleasant, your guests are going to hate departing from your place.

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What do you hate the most while visiting someone else's house?

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