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A modern wooden cabin in the woods

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ALEXANDER ZHIDKOV ARCHITECT Scandinavian style living room
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Let's escape to a modern wooden cabin in the woods of Ukraine. It's the perfect luxurious hideout for nature lovers and comfort seekers alike. The spacious cabin, fit for a family of five, is designed by Aleksandr Zhydkov architect based in Kharkiv, Ukraine. 

Today, we will explore the exteriors of this house, the layout, the architectural design, and the interior design of the living room and dining area. Join us for a tour of this beautiful modern wooden cabin in the woods and be inspired. 

A modern wooden cabin nestled among trees

This rustic modern wooden cabin nestled among trees, is the perfect getaway home. Imagine coming home to this lodge in the woods with bird songs to greet you and no nearby neighbors to hassle you. The spacious wooden patio is perfect for lounging around the in-built fireplace and listening to the sounds of nature. 

Contemporary straight lines in the architecture of this house blend in well with the pine tress that grow straight and tall in the surrounding environment. This lovely wooden cabin looks completely natural in its environment. 

The layout

Here we can see the layout clearly defined by multiple colors. As we can see, it is quite a big house with at least 2 large bedrooms and perhaps 2 or 3 smaller ones, making it perfect for a family getaway. Usually cabins refer to small wooden shelters in a remote area, however this is no ordinary cabin in the woods. This is a cabin of luxury in terms of space, comfort, and style. 

An eclectic living room

This eclectic living room combines the old with the new gracefully and harmoniously. The overall contemporary look of the living room with minimal decorations is offset by high ceilings typical of older houses, while the retro sofa set compliments the modern fireplace and elegant pendant lamps. 

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Moving on, large glass sliding doors separate this indoor living room from an outdoor lounge on the patio, while offering an expansive view of the scenic surroundings outside. In the corner we see a small kitchen, and next to it a floating staircase leading upstairs. 

Let's take a look upstairs shall we?

The view from upstairs

The view from upstairs shows that the house has plenty of large windows for allowing natural light in, and also for being able to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings enveloping the house. 

The rooms on either side are separated by a narrow corridor with a glass railing which also doubles as an indoor balcony offering a higher level view of the forest outside. This architectural design of having a floor in between is called a mezzanine—a trend that was popular in the 60's and is currently making a huge comeback. This architectural design saves a lot of space, and also allows more natural light in and air flow around the house. 

Minimalist dining area

The minimalist dining area located next to the living room, is on a level higher than the living room, and has a low ceiling, making it cozier. These variations in heights and levels not only creates an interesting effect of depth in the house, but also creates the illusion of more space. 

The rectangular white table top is supported by clear, transparent legs, complimenting the huge glass sliding door beside it. Interesting dining chairs which resemble the patterns in nature add a delicate touch to this dining area, while elegant silver pendant lamps hang from the low ceiling. Last but least, we love that this house is made in such a way that every room in the house can enjoy the beautiful view outside. 

We hope you've enjoyed this tour of a modern wooden cabin in the woods. For more inspiration, have a look at living in the lap of nature

What did you like most about this modern wooden cabin in the woods? Let us know in your comments below. 
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