Timeless room decoration ideas for the nifty teenager

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Fantasyroom-Wohnträume für Kinder Eclectic style nursery/kids room
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Teenage years of fun and self discovery should be free of little worries in life. This is the time when one starts to build realistic dreams from castles in the air and understand priorities in life. Keeping up with teenagers changing moods and tastes is sometimes tough for a parent so it best that they be give a private room in the house. Take the child's opinion to covert the nursery where it spent several memorable moments with family and friends into a teenager's room that lives up to the owner's taste and demands. As it is likely to be a study room cum sleeping quarters ensure that there is enough storage space for books and stuff.

Room for a pretty princess

This adorable girls' room with light pink flowers on the wallpaper has been redecorated with simple touches to make it perfect for a teenager.  Tiny bench stool with chair has been replaced with a large desk table with wide drawers. White swivel chair matches with other furniture of the room like the wall shelves, side storage cupboard, dressing table and the pretty white bed with pink and white furnishings.  Antique dressing table is perfect accompaniment to crystal endowed table lamps near the bed and embellished mirror. The room is a perfect mix of modern and classic and aptly suited for an individual who is not yet an adult but is certainly not a child.

Private space with stamp of individuality

This large room with clean lines and minimal use of furniture shows how clean Mediterranean style can create an atmosphere of beauty in simplicity. Wall length picture window stretching across the entire length of one wall gives aura of light and sunshine apt for the study table right below it. White and grey stone floor is perfect for maintaining Mediterranean temperature. Extra bed is for sleepover with friends and sufficient cupboard space is provided in the chest of drawers below the raised bed.

Luxury in privacy

Minimalist and bold are the two sharp features of this teenager's room that oozes self assurance. With minimal clutter and decor the room is dominated by large chest of drawers and large television against the wall. The simple black and white color scheme of the area show that the owner is a self confident young lady with taste for good things in life.

Serenity in simplicity

Designed in simple white and grey with lovely touches of blue this room is a fine example of gender neutrality. Large French windows bring in sunlight even during winter to wake the sleeper every morning. Beautiful crocheted bedspread and hand embroidered pillow covers show the love and affection with which the room has been decorated for the child.

Spacious girlie den

Girls' Bedroom homify Modern nursery/kids room

Girls' Bedroom


Which teenager would not love this absolutely gorgeous room for two with romantic tree shaped book shelf for dreamy girls. Room is papered in light grey with attractive white and pink flowers close to the ceiling rim to create an arbor like effect and match with the pale pink roof. All the furniture is the room is white and so are the doors, curtains and windows. Bed furnishings are in subtle shades of pink and grey to match the color scheme of the room that has pretty pink and white owl shaped lamp shades on night stands. Beautiful crystal chandelier and recessed roof lights provide illumination for the room which has enough brightness from wide windows during the day.

Perfect room for relaxation and play

Every bedroom in the house should have enough sunshine to bring in warmth and positive energy into the area and drive out all stale air of the night. The soft grey tone of this eclectic teenager room provides the perfect background for eclectic wall paper in white with pretty tree houses. Matching curtains add cheer to the room that is shared by two children. Earthy green mat, black hanging chair with metal mesh and other soft toned furniture in the room make it an ideal place for children of varied age groups to grow in harmony.

Geometric designs and clean lines

The decor of this room shows how the right mix of color, materials and lighting can turn four walls into a private cocoon for an individual with strong tastes. Artistic false ceiling with recessed lighting and bright lights in wall scones gives a cheerful aura to the room. Designed completely with wooden furniture with rich varnish  and cupboards with lovely dark blue laminate the room oozes class and sophistication. Study table is appropriately placed right before a wide window adorned with grey curtains to match the bed’s furnishings.

Ready to take on the world

This gender neutral room has been decorated with wall paper of a street scene that could belong to any bustling metro city. Stylish and confidently dressed men and women can build strength in the teenager and inspire him/her to pursue dreams with single minded determination. Instead of a bed the room has a thick mattress on the wooden floor with colorful cushions to relax with friends and discuss homework and school issues. Artistically designed cupboard and work desk with chair opposite a wide window are large enough for storing books and other paraphernalia for projects.

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