15 Dressing Room Suitable for Indian Homes

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Victorian Townhouse, Etons of Bath Etons of Bath Modern dressing room
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Dressing Room is always a place where we all love to spend time at. It is that special corner of the home that houses pretty frocks, lots of heels and shoes, new shirts and cargos and casual as well as formal wears. Today we are going to discuss and uncover some great and unconventional dressing room designs that are suitable for Indian homes.

Find your Me Time in these large or small sized dressing rooms where you can proudly flaunt your fashionable side. Spend your time putting together ensembles, coordinating accessories and admiring your unique style. Your clothes, shoes and bags deserve something more than a rack or cupboards! Give them their space through these good enough sized rooms that will fit almost all kinds of Indian homes. Here the list goes!

Simple and Straight

First floor master bedroom dressing homify Modern dressing room

First floor master bedroom dressing


Spare a little space in between the two giant shelves, fit in a large standing mirror and here you have your space for getting ready for office, events, and everyday! Your dressing room needs not to look like those shown in Movies and Fashion Documentaries. 

Artistically Beautiful

If you are not happy with simple and ordinary looking dressing room and want something great but within budget then opt for the above-mentioned kind of designs. The cupboard has a large sized tree and a few flying birds over it and the rest is as simple as it should have been. Store all your clothes and shoes within. Get the mirror fitted on one of the interiors of the doors. 

Decorate a little

Adopt a simple dressing room design and add accessories or show pieces like a long standing tree to add an edge. You can add a small corner on a side to store small sized items like hair clips, lipsticks and other stuff. Do take care of the lights so that you can see exactly what you are looking like.

In between two rooms

Being innovative helps and thus, any space that looks usual can be transformed into a designer dressing room by adding a wardrobe, mirror and a beautiful dressing table.

Drawing in..

Apartment Interiors, Studio Stimulus Studio Stimulus Modern dressing room
Studio Stimulus

Apartment Interiors

Studio Stimulus

How about this dressing room that is full of drawers and closet to store each and everything essential on a place. Your entire family will be having their own separate drawers which mean more organized and more beautiful. 

Besides your Living Room

You don't need to find a corner to get your dressing room come to life. It can be anywhere, after all, its your house only! Set it besides your living room and a cabinet within wall niche or large size and a mirror on side. Enjoy getting ready in open spaces. 

Bathroom Brother

A dressing room in continuity with the bathroom is a definite Yes for modern Indian homes that are not as large as the palaces of kings. A small sized wardrobe won't bother if you have small family. But don't compromise on lighting and mirrors.

Triple Tango

Create a small square sized area and cover the three walls with lots of small cubicle storage to get things stored and placed on right spots. Get ready there and close the doors. Keep your world of fashion a secret. You can also place a bench or chair to sit there while getting ready.

Closed in the woods

Instead of taking it to somewhere, bring your dressing room in the bedroom itself. You just need a proper are to get ready and you can do it there, believe us! Buy large sized furniture that can accommodate your clothes and also gives you some drawer space along with a wide mirror.

Open Racks

Keep it modern and minimal. Use steep and open racks to store your stuff and add some decorative materials. Enclose it all within glass door and you are welcome to the world of happiness. 

Narrow Lane

Bridal Room, Mumbai., SDA designs SDA designs Eclectic style dressing room
SDA designs

Bridal Room, Mumbai.

SDA designs

A narrow lane in between two rooms can be your favorite place to get groomed and ready. Use the mirrors on the wall or on the doors of wardrobe shelves to save on space. 

Ordinary Elegance

Residential Interiors, Crush Mango Crush Mango Modern dressing room
Crush Mango

Residential Interiors

Crush Mango

If you are really short on space but not happy with getting ready anywhere else, choose this style of dressing room. Shrink the size of mirror, floor, wardrobe and drawers and you have your dressing area here. 

Sophisticated Attention

Residential Interiors, Crush Mango Crush Mango Modern dressing room Property,Cabinetry,Door,Fixture,Wood,Building,Interior design,Floor,Flooring,Drawer
Crush Mango

Residential Interiors

Crush Mango

This small dressing area can serve to be a good place to get ready. You have your bench and everything else to dress up and beautify yourself. Get it colored and create a vibrant look of this area. 

Royal Touch

You can go royal with your dressing room by keeping the ambiance white, bringing white traditional style furniture and use curtains, bench and beautiful lights and painting on walls. Feel like the king or queen whenerver you are getting ready. 

Loft Conversion at its Best

Those who own cottage like structure will be happy to see this beautiful creation. Get a loft conversion and make a grand and well-organized dressing room that is far from other's sight but aptly placed for you. Keep reading for more such ideas. 

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Another idea – a dressing room with bathroom design

Walk in Dressing Room by Aikaa Designs Aikaa Designs Modern dressing room
Aikaa Designs

Walk in Dressing Room by Aikaa Designs

Aikaa Designs

While you might not see it too often, you can incorporate the dressing area in a large bathroom instead of the bedroom. As changing room designs go, nothing could be more convenient than stepping out of the shower and getting dressed in the bathroom before you step out for work in the mornings or a party at night. Add a vanity mirror in the area for your makeup, and you are all set! 

A mirror is a must-have in the dressing room interior design

Guest Bedroom Dressing De Panache Modern dressing room Plywood Beige
De Panache

Guest Bedroom Dressing

De Panache

A dressing room without a mirror is kind of like a bed without a pillow. Design professionals include mirrors in dressing room designs to help you to see how you look in a particular ensemble. It makes coordinating accessories so much easier as you get immediate feedback from the mirror. Also, in a small walk-in dressing area, a mirror helps to make the room look more spacious.

Which one you will be going for?

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