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8 Easy Tricks to get more Space

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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Nowadays, it is difficult to get a home that can give you enough space to lay down your things here and there. That means you need to work smart when it comes to a small space. 

Just a few tweaks and you can make the place work like never before.  Want to see how? homify today brings to you all the possible ways of utilizing a space to the full. Start with it now:

​A classic: the sofa bed

Just two or three small moves and your sofa converts into a bed. Isn’t that just great?

The sofa beds are easily available these days and you can consider it as the perfect solution for a living room. If you are expecting guests or family members for a few days, this practical designs will come to your rescue.

​Under the stairs

What resides under your stairs?  Nothing? That’s sad. 

If the sofa space is going to save you from the unexpected guest arrival, the space under stairs can be leveraged to get more storage space. Drawers and furniture are the best bait to utilize this space. But if you want to get more creative with this space, use it as a small inner garden and warehouse.


If you can’t utilize the place's depth, utilize it's height. Walls across the rooms give you the opportunity to fix shelves that are as high as the ceilings. Clothes, accessories, and other ornaments can be stored in the cabinets with ultimate ease. The image of the bedroom here is just perfect example of such placement.

​On wheels

Service tables and side tables hardly get used in our house but they still take ample of space. Get these vehicles with wheel in them and you can comfortably move them to a different place when they are not needed. 

If you have one like this at home, you will never need to buy a table for each room. Place it anywhere you need and enjoy the great innovation with aesthetic value.

The art of disguise

Can you see the washing machine in this room? It is hidden in the walls and can be hardly noticed. For small homes, it is difficult to make a separate laundry space and in that case, such placement is suitable. Keep it either in the washroom or the kitchen it will become invisible, just like the designers did in this house. 

​Art recessed

Fitted Wardrobe homify BedroomWardrobes & closets Solid Wood Beige

Fitted Wardrobe


Instead of the old hulks of several huge wardrobes, go for closets that are subtly fitted to the walls. The cabinets come with the possibility of implementing your choice of design with a lot of varieties. The material and textures, everything can depend on your personal choice. 

Remove walls

One of the great ideas to gain space in your house is by removing the walls. More is the divisions and walls in a house, more occupied it will appear to be. Dare to tear down the walls and create some amazing space to live in. To mark the division between spaces, you can smartly utilize colors and furniture.

Raise the bed

You might not be aware of this one simple tweak, but raising your bed can clear out enough space for the whole house. Utilize the raised space to make cabinets and other storage space and you can utilize the space below it. Store your shoes or clothes, the choice is always yours.

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