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A Tiny but Amazing Studio Flat Made for a Bachelor's Life

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
Дизайн студия Александра Скирды ВЕРСАЛЬПРОЕКТ Eclectic style dining room
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If there is one thing we can say pretty honestly here, then that is—Nothing can be more blissful than this house. 

Starting from the grand entrance to the subtle living room, and the practical dining area, look at this home and you can witness how your dream house can take the perfect shape. 

For us it was a complete visual treat, let’s show you what we really meant to say:

Dine in

The kitchen and dining space of the house have been separated by a door. Else, the color of the wall and the ceiling remain same in both the places. The great thing about the kitchen in this house is, it gives a clear view of the television hanging in the dining area.

​Enter the house

The house opens into a sleek space that holds a proper setting of cloth hanger, shoe rack, and a sitting place.  The designers have given appropriate light in the room, making it a grand entrance.

Living Room

How do you define luxury? 

For us, luxury can be surely sensed in this modern living room. The whole setup is subtle and sophisticated with gray walls and wooden flooring. A low-floor sofa is seated on the rugged carpet, giving it a fabulous aesthetic appeal. The television hanging on the wall  lets you enjoy your favorite show in ultimate comfort.

​The Front View

The front view of the living room captures two big city pictures that hang on the wall in opulence. Below the wall hanging is an open shelve that gives enough space for showcasing the luxury of the room.  There is also a modern piece of light hanging on the ceiling.

​Mirrored Bedroom

Is that a mirror acting as the ceiling of this room? Yes, it is. 

The entire bedroom has a mirrored ceiling that reflects the entire room’s setting. Not to mention, it makes the room look bigger. The head of the bed is well matched with the curtain of the room and on the back of it lies two small lamps. The whole combination of white, gray, and black is making the room a modern bliss.

​Modern Kitchen

The kitchen of this house is not just a visual delight, but also practically efficient. With the sleek blue coverage between the closet and counter top, the house takes a vibrant look. The transparent closets let you showcase your precious crockery in pride. The wooden counter top complements well with the white closets standing on the floor.

Dining Room

We found the dining space of this room to be the most exciting one. It has everything that you would have thought of, including enough sitting space, television, oven, and a bean bag.  

This place is so charming that one can spend hours out there munching on some delicious cuisines. On the ceiling of the room hang two huge art pieces enlightening the entire space with white lights. The tint of aqua blue in the dining space gives a modern look to the place.

Freshen Up

Just like the other parts of the house, comfort has been the main focus while constructing this bathroom. The whole space is filled with white and dark gray colors, making it subtly elegant. 

The open shelves in the bathroom hold all the washroom accessories in proper alignment without creating any mess. A sheer white curtain separates the bathtub from the rest of the bathroom and it does add to the aesthetic value of the house.

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Which part of the house inspired you the most?
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