A Simple but Lavish Home in Chennai

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Designed by the creative architects at Cubit Architects, this modern and elegant residence in Chennai is primarily a blend of sleek designs and sophisticated hues. Trendy furniture, a dash of vintage charm, and quirky accents add to the attraction of the home, while tasteful lighting offers cosiness and warmth. You will also come across plush textures and a dollop of rusticity, which help the abode to stand out for its individualistic decor scheme. Read on to know more.

Chic partitioning of space

We simply love how the living area has been delicately separated from the dining space with the help of a fashionable cabinet, which offers ample space for storage as well as a shelf for displaying artefacts. The dining arrangement is simple but elegant, while the living space is equipped with plush sofas and pretty curtains for a relaxing look. Artworks and softly glowing lights make for a soothing and interesting ambiance.

Vibrant corner

This seating corner has been decked with modish but sober-hued furniture which has been given a refreshing lease of life with the geometrically inspired artwork. Pops of red, blue, yellow and white add pizzazz to the space, while a quirky shelf has been mounted against the wall for a unique look. A pretty pendant light casts a calming glow over the entire setting.

Give me red!

The trendy kitchen has been fitted with sleek and fuss-free cabinets which can hold crockery, cutlery, cleaning supplies, dishtowels, food and more. The smart use of glass and chrome accents render an ultramodern feel to the space, while generous dollops of bold red fill the kitchen with energy and passion.

Rustic meets vintage

This lavish and expansive bedroom with its light-hued wooden floor and stone-clad feature wall is a concoction of elegant rusticity and vintage charm. The plush vintage style white bed along with its pretty side tables and a sleek table near the foot is a vision for sore eyes. Subtle patterns on the royal purple wallpaper offer a magnificent backdrop for the bed, while the black and white rug lends pizzazz to the floor. Sophisticated lamps and a beautiful landscape drawing lend aesthetic touches, while the false ceiling stuns with its avant-garde look.

Regal relaxation

The mauve and white sofas and coffee table at the other end of the bedroom ooze with vintage beauty and luxurious intent. Their sensuous contours and cosy upholstery promise countless hours of comfort, while graceful drapes hug the large window closely. The vintage dressing unit on the right is a vision in white and sleek curves, while indoor greens bring in a hint of freshness.

Unique appeal

This ultramodern bedroom rivets our attention with the unusual black and white decorative wall installation behind the sleek bed. The mood of this quirky accent is duly matched by the uniquely shaped side tables, which delight with their curvy contours. Dashes of blue on the bedspread and the cushion bring a sense of serenity in this simple but stunning space.

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