Pooja Room: minimalistic Living room by Amar DeXign Scape

13 Unused places in your home that could be a Pooja space!

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Having a small house often becomes a challenge when it comes to arranging different rooms within. However, there are certain areas where you can make little adjustments and save a lot of meters to live and utilize other ways. One such phenomenal and unconventional area is the Pooja Room. Your mandir does not need an entire room to be kept aside in order to be transformed into a divine space. Instead, you can be wise and create a pooja room out of the unused spaces of your home. How? Here is a list of 12 smart ideas where you can install your own Pooja room without spending square feets. After all, its the feeling and devotion that matters!

If you have any more ideas for the same, do let us know through comment below. 

1.Corner of the Room

Zebra Shades / Blinds: asian Living room by Louverline Blinds
Louverline Blinds

Zebra Shades / Blinds

Louverline Blinds

Room corner accessories are a rage these days and the market is brimming with this designer stuff. Buy one of the desired sizes and use the upper two level to place your Godly figures and you are ready with your own beautiful Pooja corner of home.

Get more ideas on Pooja rooms from here and for more such trending topics, stay tuned to Homify.

2.Over the Drawers and Windows

Often it happens that the space right above the drawers and near the window remains unused as nothing significant can be placed over them. Use painting and scriptures, bring Pooja thali, Diyas and candles, and here you are ready with your beloved Pooja room.

3.Over the Shelves

Indian homes usually have low rise shelves in homes to store their clothes, clothes or certain often used items and the top of these shelves is stuffed with unused clutter. Remove it and make it your Pooja offering spot. No need to buy bulky figurines and idols as you can do away with small sized figures and offer the same feeling and devotion to god.

4.Nearby the Entrance Doors

asian Living room by homify

Pooja unit design


One of the most favorable spots to have your Pooja room is to place it near the entrance door and make everyone offer their devotion to your God. A small rack and cupboard like this can serve as the setup area.

5.Showcase Racks

While usually, it happens that we adore our showcase racks with flower vases and antiques, the trend of placing them at such spots is dying and thus, you can use this area to set up your god's idol and perform pooja every monring and evening. 

6.On the Doors

How about a big sized poster or painting of Lord Ganesha or any other right at the entrance door inside? Let the prosperity, wealth, and health flush towards your home with such a briliant and effortless idea.

7.Painting on the walls

Precious Tanjore paintings and Kerala murals :  Artwork by SHEEVIA  INTERIOR CONCEPTS

Precious Tanjore paintings and Kerala murals


If you cannot afford to place your Mandir over the racks or doors then bring a well embellished and beautiful painting and hang it on the wall. Decorate the nearby wall section with paint, Swastik and Om symbols and Sindoor made drawings to evoke a perfect feel.

8.Within the Glass Windows

niches in the pooja room to display the Ganesha collection of the client:  Walls by Hasta architects
Hasta architects

niches in the pooja room to display the Ganesha collection of the client

Hasta architects

Having wall niches with glass windows is not a very uncommon sight in Indian homes but it often gets wasted. Use it to showcase your entire collection of God's sculptors and deities and turn it into an all rounder spot for prayers and meditation.

9.In the Kitchen

2 Bedroom Flat at Manikonda: modern Kitchen by Happy Homes Designers
Happy Homes Designers

2 Bedroom Flat at Manikonda

Happy Homes Designers

If you are woman who loves to start her day with Pooja but often ends up being in kitchen due to kids and office rush then take your Pooja room to the kitchen itself! Isn't it a great idea to start your day.Install a door to hide the Mandir when you are done.

10.Sitting on the wall

Puja Room: modern Bedroom by QBIX DESIGNS

Puja Room


We are stunned and pleased with this idea of getting a Pooja room with nothing more than a few wall hooks and a wooden table beneath. Multiple idols of Ganesha are sitting on the small hook pedals on the walls and the big sized deity of Lakshmi sitting peacefully on the wood table.

11.Besides TV Screen in the Living Room

2 Bedroom Flat at Manikonda:  Multimedia room by Happy Homes Designers
Happy Homes Designers

2 Bedroom Flat at Manikonda

Happy Homes Designers

A small but attractive center for getting a pooja mandir without sparing even a single inch of the house. Don;t forget to add some yellow lighting or accessories to make it feel like a Mandir.

12.Within the Room Divider

Small houses make use of room dividers. Having a room divider like this means you are getting volume, storage plus a right area for Mandir. Spare one or two cubicles out of this and place your idols and other Mandir essentials nearby.

13.At the Dressing Table

Vipul Pandya @ Indraprasth - 4, Prahladnagar:   by ARPIT SHAH PROJECTS OPC PVT LTD.

Vipul Pandya @ Indraprasth—4, Prahladnagar


The dressing table often becomes an unused entity due to its large size and the cracker mirror. Replace the mirror with something solid and place your Lord figure and setup a very small Mandir there. We are in love with this mini Mandir idea of teh designer. 

We loved the kitchen Pooja room. What is your personal favorite?
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