13 unused places in your home that could be a Pooja space

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Having a small house often becomes a challenge when it comes to arranging different rooms within. However, there are certain areas where you can make little adjustments and save space that you can utilize in other ways. One such phenomenal and unconventional area is the pooja room. Your mandir does not need an entire room to be kept aside in order to be transformed into a divine space. Instead, you can be wise and create a unique pooja room out of the unused spaces of your home. Here is a list of 12 smart ideas where you can install your own pooja room without having to give away too much surface area.

1. A Pooja room in the corner of the room

Living room corner accessories are a rage these days and the market is brimming with them. Be sure to purchase one of the desired size and use the upper two levels to place figurines and deities. The best part of this approach is that you do not have to give up too much surface area.

2. A pooja space over the drawers

The space right above drawers towards the window remains unused more often than not. To fill this void, make use of painting and scriptures, a pooja thali, diyas as well as candles, and you are ready with your very own pooja room.

Here's what the professionals have to say.

3. A pooja space over the shelves

Indian homes usually have low rise shelves to store clothes, or frequently used items. The top of these shelves generally house unused clutter. If you're looking to create a pooja table, then be sure to remove the clutter in order to make it your Pooja offering spot. There is no need to buy bulky figurines and idols for this kind of pooja rack as you can do away with small sized figures.

4. A pooja space beside the entrance

One of the most favorable spots to have your Pooja room is to place it near the entrance door. A small rack and cupboard like this can serve as the setup area. Be sure to stick to smaller deities and idols so that your space is left neat and tidy.

5. Showcase racks turned pooja space

Showcase racks are generally adorned with flower vases and antiques. This, however has seen a paradigm shift off late as the space can be used to set up a pooja space as well. It places your sacred space at a higher level.

6. A pooja space at the entrance

How about a big sized poster or a painting of Lord Ganesha or any other right at the entrance door? Let prosperity, wealth, good tidings and health gush towards your home in this brilliant and effortless manner.

For more on pooja doors, visit this ideabook.

7. Paintings on the walls for an enhanced pooja space

If the previous ideas of setting up your pooja space over the racks or doors doesn't appeal to you, then you can make use of a beautiful painting and hang it on the wall. Decorate the area with motifs and items that add divinity to the space.

8. A pooja space within the wall unit

Having wall niches with glass windows is not an uncommon sight in Indian homes but it often houses show pieces and photo frames. You could instead, use it to showcase your entire collection of idols and deities thereby turning it into an ideal spot for prayers and meditation.

9. A pooja space in the Kitchen

If you are someone who loves to begin your day with a pooja but often end up in the kitchen due to household chores, then it would be ideal to house a pooja room right in the kitchen itself! All you need to do is to install a door to conceal the temple when you are done.

10. Spread across the wall is this pooja space

This Pooja room comprises of nothing more besides a few wall hooks and a wooden table beneath. Multiple idols of Lord Ganesha rest on small hook pedals on the walls and the big sized deity of Lakshmi rests peacefully on the wooden table.

11. A pooja room in the living room

Here is a small yet attractive center for setting up a pooja mandir without having to spare too much space in the house. Don't forget to add some yellow lighting or accessories to make it feel like a real life mandir.

12. This pooja space is within the room divider

Small houses make use of room dividers in place of walls. A room divider such as this provides you with ample space to set up your very own mandir. Spare a cubicle or two and place your idols and other mandir essentials.

13. A pooja space at the dressing table

In place of a mirror, you can make use of an idol right at your dressing table. This is a great idea if you have trouble setting out space for a mandir or a pooja space.

For more inspiration, look here.

Some other pooja spaces

If you are in search of compactly-sized pooja shelf ideas, then this design can serve your purpose. The window area of the bedroom has been used to create a small pooja room, without making it feel cluttered. Also, to separate the two spaces seamlessly and to lend an aesthetic touch, the professionals have used a wooden net with bells.

Here is another innovative way to design pooja rooms in small spaces of your house. The space between the two rooms has been used to fit a beautifully designed and well-customised mandir. Also, this smartly positioned pooja wardrobe leaves ample floor space for an individual to perform everyday prayers comfortably.

We loved the kitchen Pooja room. What is your personal favorite?

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