20 stairs designs ideal for homes with limited space

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When you have a lack of space in your house, the very first space where you can reduce the architectural element include walls or divisions to get more inches for a living. However, there are several elements that cannot sustain without them, especially when the house has been divided into two floors. One of such elements are stairs. In order to ensure that your stairs are not accommodating much space into your house, that otherwise could have been functional, we have brought this parade of images that display some narrow, very narrow and small stairs. 

These designs have been proposed by professionals that are registered with Homify and you can choose and contact the preferred professional that can help you design and build your dream ladders in your ideal yet limited space.  

1. Metal Staircases blended with Bookseller and Vertical Garden.

Undoubtedly, space has been spent well by integrating three elements from different zones into one: Metal staircases, green plantation on side and the eternal world of books.

2. An Imperceptible Ladder that is larger than what it appears to be

We are stunned by this idea of steep, hanging kind of stairs that are sophisticated and well equipped.

3. The stairs right for multiple heights or floors

Having more than one floor to climb up but less space? Try this brilliant idea that also works as a decorative element.

4. Exterior Stairs made out of modern Metal and simple Handrails

Casa #20, RUE RUE Classic style garden

Keep stairs out of your house and let the living area be clean and unmessy! Use durable metal for long lasting results. 

5. Coiled- Using multicolored elements to highlight the treads

A Snake coiled kind of ladder is a hit amongst the urban and modern living families that have small living area but functional requirements.

6. A party without banister to give the feeling of space and the second with handrails for Safety

Let the safe heights remain unbarred and free of any handrails and banisters to make it look large but do not forget the safety when it comes to further heights.

7. Futuristic Structures in Silver Shine and Glass Wall

The robot and mechanically inspired design of stairs creating a spacious feel due to huge gaps in between the steps.

8. Perfectly Adapted for a small and congested corner of the House

Why keep it simple straight and boring when you can add some curves and adjust it in a small space.

9. Hidden within the Ceiling kind of Stairs to climb the terrace

Get away with all the fuss and problems by adopting folding stairs and hiding them within the ceiling.

10. Narrow and Wide with Balusters or Glass Walls for safety

Who said it is necessary to keep the width of the stairs more than 0.5 meters? Keep it as wide and narrow as this one.

11. An inclination that speaks for volume

Get the higher stairs covered with string handrails and the rest be free of any shade and covers. 

12. Simple and Practical wooden ladder of traditional style

The traditional styled wooden ladders come without saying.

13. Wooden and Comfortable Climb up stairs in contrasting shades

Walk up straight through these wooden narrow stairs passing through white serene walls.

14. Minimal and Ultramodern ladder for single living apartment

Do some practice of handling and walking up through these minimal designed stairs. 

15. Shallow and Semi Solid stairs

Semi-solid stair design where the above portion lets you walk up and down while the lower part lets you store your lamps, tables or books.

16. Discreetly Hidden behind a Room divider wall

Discreet and hidden stairs beneath this room divider is a great idea for your home.

17. Multi utility Stairs

Multiutility stairs that serve as stairs as well as desk and bench will be a good idea for Bachelor's house.

18. Wood and Cement stairs having two sections in between to change the direction of movement

This one just fits in the corner witouut you even noticing it.

19. Spiral Metal and Glass Wonder- For homes that demand sophistication and class

20. Creative and Fun space with proper handrails and security

Especially for those houses that have kids!

Which one amused most?

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