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Душевный интерьер, Дизайн студия Александра Скирды ВЕРСАЛЬПРОЕКТ Дизайн студия Александра Скирды ВЕРСАЛЬПРОЕКТ Classic style living room
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The city of Simferopol on the Crimean Peninsula has attracted our attention today, with this lavish and tasteful residence rendered by the interior architects at ДИЗАЙН СТУДИЯ АЛЕКСАНДРА СКИРДЫ ВЕРСАЛЬПРОЕКТ. Equipped with vintage style furnishing, rich textures, elegant hues, and pretty pops of vibrancy here and there, the home is a luxurious place to gain respite from daily worries. Modish designs, premium materials, subtle pattern plays and opulent chandeliers add to the stunning edge of this abode. Read on to find out what all it has to offer.

Stunning living space

A breathtaking crystal chandelier oversees the vintage style proceedings of the living area, while a plush couch with bright cushions offer cosy seating. A beautifully patterned rug and bold, striped drapes add life to this space, while charming old world cabinets and entertainment unit in white help you relive the grace of days gone by. The elegant patterned wallpaper contributes to the regal aura, while a vibrant artwork jazzes things up here.

A warm nook

The other side of the expansive living area is taken up by a couple of plush armchairs which face the traditional and sophisticated fireplace. A white table with patterned edges and curvy legs demarcate this cosy nook from the main living space subtly, while large windows let in ample sunlight to brighten the interiors.

Regal dining area

A vintage style table accompanied by matching chairs with gorgeously patterned upholstery decks the living space which is right next to the open kitchen. Note how the wooden flooring of the dining area separates it from the kitchen, which features trendy tiles with little dark squares. The chandelier makes the diners feel like royalty, while the stunning striped drapes add pizzazz to even the simplest of meals.

Fashionable kitchen

Chic mosaic tiles for the backsplash take this contemporary kitchen to a whole new level of style. Sleek white cabinets help in storing all kitchen essentials, while the U-shaped smooth wooden countertop offers ample space for prepping and cooking. Minimalistic fixtures and the latest appliances add to the fashionable ambiance.

Dreamy bedroom

A large and lavish bed with vintage style tufted headboard takes the centre stage in this luxurious bedroom. Light-hued wooden flooring adds cosiness here, while the elegant patterned wallpaper ensures a classy atmosphere. Satiny drapes, a dressing mirror, an ornate decorative mirror and beautifully patterned closet doors make this a delightful place to unwind and be at peace. The fancy chandelier adds a dollop of glamour, while the hot pink armchair makes for a vibrant source of visual interest.

Rejuvenation pleasure

A dash of gold on the mosaic tiles of the bathroom makes it a luxurious place for rejuvenation. Fitted with the latest sanitary wares and stylish fixtures, the space lets you find oodles of energy to face each new day with positivity. Wall-mounted sink and WC save on precious floor space, while a sleek sheet of glass separates the chic bathtub from the shower area. An array of glossy white cabinets takes care of storage needs, while industrial chic sconce lamps flank the mirror for a trendy look.

Colourful kid’s room

We are greeted by an explosion of colours in the pretty kid’s room. Pinks, purples, greens and random doses of other hues join hands to make this a cheery and imaginative space. The window seat is a cosy affair with plush cushions and a potted flowering plant for decor. And a sleek niche on its right houses the comfy bed. The study station with its vintage white furniture is enticing and has ample provision to arrange books and toys. A charming chandelier presides quaintly over the setting, while some vibrant artworks add spice to the room.

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