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8 easy Vastu Shastra tips for your kitchen

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The kitchen is an integral part of any Indian house, a place which is the source of our day long energy. To enhance the aura of the kitchen the science of Vastu cannot be overlooked. 

Every little appliance that you place in your kitchen has some or the other importance and if it is placed according to the Vastu, positive vibes are sure to prevail.  

The doors, windows, gas cylinder, gadgets, refrigerator, as well as the sink, all of it should be placed in accordance to Vastu, but not all of us have the idea of what is that exact placement. 

To help you make some small yet significant changes while maintaining the decor in your house, here we have a brief guide for you:

1.​Placement of Gas Stove

The gas stove should be placed in the southeast corner of the kitchen. Being the fire element in the kitchen, it should be in the corner where the lord of fire exists. 

Cook to face only towards the East, hence, your gas stove should be placed towards the east. It is said that if the chef of the house faces west, while cooking, it can lead to severe health issues. 

And facing south may lead to financial problems. Also, you have to ensure that there should not be any closet or shelve right above the gas as this is the place for the chimney. You can follow this kitchen’s design for a better placement. 

2.​Southeast Corner

The lord of fire, Agni prevails in the southeast direction of the home, which means the ideal kitchen location as per Vastu is in the southeast direction of your house. If you can’t find a suitable space in the southeast direction, the northwest direction will work just as well. 

3.The refrigerator

For refrigerators, there are four suitable directions, southeast, west, south or north direction.  One direction, you should surely avoid is the northeast. In case, you have found a suitable space in the southwest direction, keep it a feet away from the corner to bring good fortune to your house. 

4.​Exhaust Fans and Windows

Vastu says that there should be at least one or two windows in the kitchen. Large or small, the kitchen window should always face east. For ventilators, you can count on the southern direction of the house. As for Vastu, the more ventilated your kitchen is, the better it is. Just like the huge windows facing outwards in this room. 


Storage is an important part of the kitchen as we need to store food, grains, as well as utensils without creating any mess. The storage cupboards are better fitted to the southern and western wall of the kitchen. Avoid placing them in the north and east walls. A clutter free arrangement is preferred the most in this case, just like the kitchen here. 

​6.Water in the Kitchen

While structuring the kitchen as per Vastu, you should also discuss the direction of water-based elements with the professionals hired by you. Water bottle, filters, or any related vessels are the water elements of the house and for this, there cannot be a better place than the north-east side.

7.​Colours on the wall

Vibrant colours are the preferred Vastu colours when it comes to painting the walls of the kitchen. Go for vibrant colours like rose, yellow, green, red, orange, and chocolate brown. Even the vibrant colours of this kitchen are appreciable and the kitchen planners have definitely nailed it.

8.Electrical Appliances

A modern kitchen is said to be incomplete without electronic appliances and there is so much to place like ovens, heaters, and microwaves. As all these appliances are somewhere related to light and fire, they should be cornered in the east-south direction. Just like the other elements of the kitchen, here also you should avoid the north-east direction.

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Some more tips to attract positive energy

The contemporarily designed kitchens reflect an open-plan scheme to blend the dining section into the cooking space seamlessly. For this reason, it becomes necessary to find out a proper place for the dining table to increase functionality while following the kitchen Vastu rules. According to Vastu Shastra, the dining table should be installed in such a manner that it falls in the northwest corner, and not in the middle of the kitchen. as this position helps in maintaining the good health of the people residing inside the house.

Vastu for kitchen also emphasizes on the movement of the kitchen door. As the doors that open in a clock-wise manner bring prosperity, whereas the doors that open in an anti-clockwise direction become the reason of slow progress in work and hinder your growth. Similarly, be it small kitchens or the expansive versions, the entrance of the kitchen should be from north side as this is the most auspicious position. However, in case north is not available, then Vastu suggests using south-eastern direction.

Which of these kitchen vastu tips do you already follow?

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