GAJENDRA YADAV'S RESIDENCE: modern Living room by Spaces Architects@ka

A Lovely Modern Home in Delhi

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Join us on this tour today to explore a lovely modern home in Delhi. The home is designed by architects based in India called Spaces Architects@KA. You will find many delightful interesting surprises in this home, especially if you have an eye for detail. The design is simple yet intricate, bold yet delicate, and it has the most comforting and soothing results. Certain signature paintings and designs can be found throughout the home, creating continuity and enforcing the home's sense of individuality. 

We hope you will find some interesting ideas and refreshing inspiration for your home through this tour. Please don't forget to leave us some feedback in the end. Now, let's have a look at this beautiful home shall we? 

A bright lounge

On the upper floor we are greeted by a bright lounge, where large windows and glass railings allow the artistic appeal of the design to shine through. The delicate bouquet of pendant lamps hanging from the false ceiling gives the space a subtle industrial design touch, while diversifying the types of materials used in this space. 

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Showcase design

The living room pictured here has what we call a showcase design. It looks very professional and like something that just came to life from an interior design magazine. The large glass panel with Buddha encapsulated in it adds a unique touch to this room, while the golden brown wooden paneling on the ceiling enhances the cosiness of this space. 

Organic bathroom

The soothing natural ambiance in this bathroom owes some credit to the organic shapes we see in the furnishings and decorations. For example, the organically shaped bathroom mirror is complimented by the rounded bathtub and the floral patterns on the wallpaper. The calming earthy colours also work well with the lighting to create the perfect bathroom experience. 

Bedroom with a rosy hue

This bedroom with a rosy hue is both enchanting and comforting at the same time. It owes the rosy hue to the pink walls, soft lighting, and pink bedding, curtains and decorations. The light wooden floor adds warmth to the pink glow, while the dark wooden furnishings add a much needed contrast. Overall, the pinkish hue gives the bedroom a feminine touch. Next, let's have a look at a more androgynous bedroom design. 

Androgynous bedroom design

While a feminine touch can do wonders for a bedroom, an androgynous bedroom design can give it some edge and make it feel special. The bedroom pictured here manages to achieve its androgynous design by using greens and blues in its colour scheme. The stripey patterns also help to create a neutral feel. Last but not least, the neatly fitted fabric blinds in different shades of blue, together with the bright blue chairs add an energizing feel to the bedroom. 

Simple bedroom

The highlight of this simple bedroom for us is the latticed wall paneling behind the bed. Another thing that caught our attention is the painting on the wall, which has similarities to the paintings in other rooms. Overall, this bedroom has a very subtle Indian touch to its relaxing atmosphere. 

Fancy lounge

This fancy lounge took us by surprise with its golden embellishments and intriguing ceiling. A natural stone wall gives this space texture while an unusual piece of art on it adds a striking touch to the sophisticated atmosphere.  Overall, this lounge feels luxurious, yet relaxed with its balanced design. 

A white bedroom

One of the simplest ways to design a bedroom is to make it all white. As you can see here, this bedroom has white walls, floors, and furnishings. Although there are almost no decorations, the bedroom remains vibrant with its modern minimalist design. Lastly, a dark blue finish on the countertops and the bed adds a striking contrast to this comfy bedroom. 

Unique blinds

The most striking thing about this room is the unique blinds. It allows some light in, while blocking most of it out with its interesting patterns and shades. It definitely looks somewhat futuristic in its design while also reminding us of more familiar designs. The clean design of this room offers a calming experience. 

Marble walls

The elegant all white dining area pictured here is glorified by the beautiful marble wall adjacent to it. Outstanding metal elements on the wall give this design a modern edge, while a colourful painting leaning against the wall adds a casual, fun mood to the atmosphere. 

We hope you've enjoyed this tour as much as we have. For more home tips, inspiration, and interesting ideas, have a look at an elegant but simple home in Calicut, Kerala

What do you like most about the tour of this home? Please share with us in the comments section below. 
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