A Green House in Ahmedabad

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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Check out this house and the first thing that will come to your mind is the love for nature. Green is said to be the shade of nature that holds the capacity to spread positive vibes. The owner of this house must have been a nature lover and the designers have truly lived up to his expectations. So, let us take you on a ride full of green shades.

The First Look

Just one glance at the house and anyone can guess that the interior is going to hold various surprises. You can see the grass beds that take you to the house entrance and the foliage that follows the roof of the house. The flower pots, grass beds, and a little view of the green interior are revealing a lot about the house. For us, this house is all about nature and the beautiful surrounding.

The Green Entrance

Let’s take you to the entrance of the house which is soaked in the shade of parrot green. White stripes and squares are embellished on the green door giving it a subtle look. It’s a double door, probably made with consideration of safety as well as ventilation. With several pots of small green plants in it, the designers have ensured a grand entry.

Enter the house

Enter the house and you will get into a huge living room that is again designed with the shades of green and white. A big couch stands there in a combination of white, black and green. In front of the couch is your big TV that hangs on the wall that lets you enjoy your favorite show in peace. Below the TV is a small cabinet that is being utilized for storing tiny household items. The floor of the house is done in white tiles.

​A complete view

This is the complete view of the living room that comprises of sofas which are equally loaded with natural colors. The white wall on the back of the sofas has a beautiful religious photo. On the side of it lies a small table that can be used to keep personal items like a cell phone or say any decorative piece.

The upper view

Have a look at the ceiling of the living space and it is beautifully done with white lights. The flower patterns of the light arts are totally appreciable and we can say that designer has satisfied the owners’ demand in every manner. If the theme of the house is nature and greenery, even the lights are selected in flower patterns only.

​Eat In

Unlike the other parts of the house, the kitchen here is in the palette of white only. The cabinets of the kitchen are fitted in a way so that you can minimize the mess that usually occurs in a kitchen. Wooden touch has been given to the kitchen cabinets making the place livelier. Next to the kitchen lies the eating space that we consider chic and classic. This is a small place holding a white table with a green base. The family must have been gathering around it for a healthy breakfast.

​Captivating Artworks

This beautiful artwork on the closets of the house is a sight for sore eyes. We can’t stop appreciating the designers for carrying around such wonderful job. Truly nature’s home!

Flower Lights

Here is the bigger view of the light that is adding to the charm of the living room. Isn’t it just beautiful to be in the living room? What do you say?

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What part of this green house was your favourite?

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