10 ideas to dress up your house walls (so they looks modern)

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For anyone who has keen eyes for perfection, the interior wall has the same importance as that of the other structural elements. More often people assume it as a normal part of the home structure, but the truth is far from being this.

Here, we take you to the fly-on-the-wall tour of picture perfect homes with the most amazing wall ideas:

Climb the wall

If you want to add life to the faceless surface, natural fibers are the best. In this instance, the charcoal wickerwork is lending immediate texture with further directional lighting. In addition to the dramatic lighting, hangs the wooden pine that breaks up the grained rhythm of the walls.

​Walls have ears

When it is about the wall of the bathrooms, they have to be created with acoustic nature. If not, your neighbors may get to hear the muffling noises of the washroom.

If you want to sing in the bathroom without disturbing others, then consider going for tiling all around. Properly grouted, tiling is waterproof as well as attractive. They are even considered a safe choice because they are electrically safe in nature.

Hit the deck

Matched with wooden parquet flooring, and covered in different cuts and grains, it can surely stimulate the gravity-defying moments of illusion. Hard to decide, which one is the floor and which one is a wall. The beach towel hanging on the wall accentuates the entire effect. Make sure the walls and floors are polished and waxed if you have some guests on board.

Hit a brick wall

The internal wall is covered with natural rock, giving it a country-rustic-chic drystone wall effect. Discreet lighting set into a narrow pebbled strip at the foot of the wall accentuating the texture of uneven brickwork. This ultimate effect is the most inspired when you want to set the mood of the party.

​Go to the wall with it

If you are a kind of person who simply wishes for the finer things in life, then go for this sort of wall setting. The cream colored wallpaper gives a filigree-textured outlook. To scale the baroque heights that match the cut-glass crystal chandelier there is a wall-mounted imitation of dual-glasslamp light fixtures. The rose tinted pillows and carved wooden masterpiece is clubbed nicely with the wall-mounted portrait mirror.

The fall of the wall

The green-thumbed architects and designers have created the virtue of green space for doing climate controlling.

Hole in the wall

This well-hung wall is adding elegance to the house with textures and tiles.  On the wall hangs the 3D piece of modern art that pops out elegantly. You can surely call it the wall of imagination.

​Wallpaper Trad

A good old fashioned wallpaper is always a clean and sophisticated choice of wall décor and if the job is done right, you are going to witness a powerful impression.

​Backs to the wall

Fancying a bit of Banksy in your drab apartment, this simple wall tattoo will give illusionary effect to the wall. The wall here represents a girl on a swing and it looks no less than a real one.

Wall! What wall?

In the 70s, it was the craze of photorealistic wall pictures and it seems like the trend never died. With advanced digital printing, we have got a huge choice nowadays. Go for it without thinking twice.

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