13 ways to have an ultra-modern kitchen

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Modern aesthetics have become more complex than they used to be. It used to be that the goal was only one second behind the future and now, a modern design can aim even to reach back into the past, using retro furniture to build a kitsch but ultra-contemporary style. 

With kitchens, this new eclectic feature of modern technique has made for an exciting design atmosphere, with far more possibilities. Add the advent of new technologies which have made futuristic looks like super shiny surfaces and floor lighting and one might say we are living in a renaissance of modern kitchen design. For this reason, homify has put together a how-to list of thirteen ways to make your kitchen ultra-modern, starting with the kitchen island bar. Read on!

1. An island bar

Since the modern kitchen is the centre of the home, no ultra-modern kitchen is complete without either an island counter that doubles as a breakfast bar or a non-island counter breakfast bar, making space for several people to gather, socialise and snack together.

2. All-white

The most up-to-the-minute in modern colour schemes is bright, snow white. It provides the kitchen with a sleek visual austerity which is all the rage in current minimalism—the backbone of super modern design.

3. Black and white

This classic modern look is back as one of the top kitchen design patterns in the modernist movement: simple and streamlined, we recommend doing a black and white kitchen with white, rather than black walls.

4. Integrate new and old

Merging the old with the new is a must: don't be afraid of the contrast, as this is precisely what will give your kitchen the extra modern and sophisticated look you are going for.

5. Silver

If black and white is not your style, then perhaps silver will work. Since the quality execution of the silver kitchen look has only recently been possible with modern advancements, it is perhaps the most contemporary kitchen colour you can choose.

6. A chalkboard wall

Functional and dynamic is the goal of modern design, so the kitchen chalkboard wall is a favourite of designers and kitchen users alike. Put up the week's recipes as a reminder, or let your kids use it as a creative space.

7. Abstract shapes

Incorporating abstract, funky shapes into your kitchen via things like hanging lamps, stand-alone sculptures or cabinet handles is the funnest way to earn your kitchen some serious modernity points.

8. Shiny surfaces

Open plan white gloss kitchen with island Schmidt Kitchens Barnet Modern kitchen MDF White
Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

Open plan white gloss kitchen with island

Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

New technology allows us now to make our surfaces shinier than ever before using plastic that mimics glass without the worry of breakage. And superlatively shiny countertops and cabinets are a clear sign of a modern kitchen design. To shine it up further, get stools and a dining table with polished metal legs.

9. Open it up

High Gloss Open Plan Kitchen Schmidt Kitchens Barnet Modern kitchen MDF Beige
Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

High Gloss Open Plan Kitchen

Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

Whenever possible, make your kitchen an open one, meaning knock down a pesky wall if need be. A modern kitchen aims for simplicity, light and air, which means as few obstructions to the space as possible.

10. Retro stools

Modern kitchens with breakfast nooks often love to use retro bar stool designs—a variety of neat, bowled seats that you can get fairly cheaply and in bold, fun colours to accent your cupboards.

11. Make it dynamic

As mentioned before, the number one feature of a modern kitchen is its dynamism—the aesthetic is centred around modernity, so modern lifestyles, which are faster and may include many more than just the traditional nuclear family sitting down for a meal. So, litter your kitchen with chairs, bar stools and space enough for people to move or fix a quick sandwich. 

12. Paint it bold

If you're not doing all-white, black and white or silver, our recommendation for a modern colour scheme is a bold one. Yellows, oranges, reds, greens and bright blues are all wonderful options to get that intrepid look modern design is famous for.

13. Highlight lighting

Lighting up your cupboards, ceiling and floors is our last oh-so-modern design tip. Not only does highlight lighting showcase your beautiful cupboards and floors but it broadens your kitchen space, making it feel expansive--precisely the feeling a modern design should go for.

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