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Eternally Modern: A House worth Looking at!

Ruqaiyya Hussain Ruqaiyya Hussain
Дизайн студия Александра Скирды ВЕРСАЛЬПРОЕКТ Eclectic style corridor, hallway & stairs
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Today, we are going to cover up a house that is something beyond imagination and is full of ideas and inspirations. Rarely it happens that we encounter such a brilliant design that houses each and every piece of furniture like it has been custom made. Right from its bed and doors to its staircase design, we are smitten by the beauty and elegance. 

Let's uncover an epitome of beauty right here and get a glance to interiors that are not hard to afford but definitely worth giving a second look. We are sure you are going to get your minds and to do list for the home renovation process.

The frontal Wall with TV Screen

The TV Screen area could not just get better than this. The shining bright yellow light frames on a dark brown colored wall with a flat TV screen in between.The small lamp of ceiling as well as the wide windows and light curtains make a good combination to create a link in between the interiors and the decor of the home.

Start with the Sofa cum Couch

The primary highlight area of the home is its hallway. Full of life, decor, and colors, the hallway hosts all the elements that you can imagine to be incorporated in your home. The dual colored sofa is simple and very comfortable. Though it is not matching to the rest of the room yet it stands out to make an impression.

Glass Wall Section

Right in front of the sofa, we can see a glass made decor kind of wall section that reflects bright light and everything on its front back.Truly an art piece, you can easily copy this style at your home. Just keep some part of the wall matte so as to create a balance between the shimmer and beauty.

Dining Area: The checkered Chairs

Big and bright lights right overhead of the dining table are a new thing to look at. We also loved how the check designed chairs have been matched to the walls and the lights as well. The black and white pair of colors is teamed against the variants of brown like the chair and the racks behind.

A Gallery to the Heaven

If your house has a long gallery section then this might be a great corner for you to get some ideas. The wall on one side is embellished with hand made paintings and artwork and the other side has been left free for doors and windows. The brightly lit wallpapers are definitely attracting the eyes towards it.

The other side of the Gallery

On the opposite side of the gallery, lies a beautiful mirror which has been framed within a silver antique mirror frame and a black small sofa. The ceiling is perfectly matching to the floor and the combination of silver and golden is quite striking to look at.

The mirror frame and the chair

Take a closer look at the mirror and the chair that are smartly placed on one of the front end of the gallery.

Stairways to terrace

Turn to right, here is another gallery which is little different to what we have seen. You will see this area with a dash of style and modernity. Golden brown wood made staircases have been ornated with very light and beautiful handrails. The glass door, acting as an entire wall is a cool addition. Again, the almirah on the right has been painted such that it looks like a house front. 

Closer look at the Handrails and Stairs

We are sure you are in love with this cutting edge multi dimensional design.

The walk-in Closet

Walk-in closet, though not ready at this time, is also available in this home. Plenty of space to hang and choose your clothes. Different sections have been designed for the men, women and kids as well as keeping bags, shoes and other stuff. 

Bed Room cum Living Room

We are in awe for this bedroom cum living area that looks like straight out of the dreamy land. The large curtains in brown and white, big glass windows beneath them, golden textile on chair and sofa, cozy and designer carpets and bed linen as well as simple walls- everything looks pretty cool!

The other angle of the room

The above image shows the other side of the room where we can clearly see the beautifully done glass door and the similar pattern right behind the bed. 

Take a look at this home as well!

Simple and Regular Bathroom

The bathroom area of this house has been kept simple and very much regular. The dark colored tiles and white sanitary with a semi-transparent door is all used here. 

Comfortable Sofa cum Bed

Since, the hallway, as well as the bedroom, have a single piece of bed and furniture, one part of the house has been dedicated to these simple sofa cum bed that can be used to comfort the guests on their arrivals. The family members too can rest in this charming and positive environment. A perfect evening spot!

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