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Wall art today has gone through a major transformation and it does not follow any specific trend. Like always wall decorations speak about home owner’s personal preferences for art and color which may be visible through paintings, murals and abstract decorations. In previous eras people followed generic trends like classic era when ornate framed paintings and photographs were the rage and then came trend of large landscapes in living rooms followed by traditional murals and brass, terracotta and copper wall decorations. Here are a few samples of the amazing talent that has emerged in wall decorations to meet exacting demands of enlightened art connoisseurs.

Wall murals for a colonial style living room

Creative energies flow across this breathtaking wall mural scene that could belong to any city in India surrounded as they are with history and grandeur of palaces. The painting fits into the living room scenery with grand crystal chandelier and eloquently carved metal coffee tables. To give a naturalistic feel to the painting its background has been given a faded black and white texture while the camel, elephant and people in it have been painted in bright colors.

Unusual wall panel

This soothing wall panel designed out of blue agate stones has a captivating quality about it that can turn dull corners of the house into a lively area for guests to admire its finesse. Sparkling blue stones can make even the drabbest of walls look luxurious while adding a sparkle to the room. Use it as a room divider or wall decoration for adding colour and balance to a room of heavy furniture.

Timeless charcoal art

There is something alluring about charcoal art that manages to grab attention without use of colors. Just a few powerful strokes of charcoal pen have given this wall decoration timeless beauty and charm. Artful shading and lines bring alive the rural riverside scene before onlookers eyes and they can almost see the shimmering shadow of boats, huts and palm trees  in the river.  For more charcoal art design options in various styles like modern, colonial, heritage, etc explore these creations.

Artful bedroom

This enchanting bedroom speaks volumes about the artistic streak of its owners as it has a mix of ornate, traditional and modern styles all on a single wall. Delicate murals with red and pink hibiscus adorn one end of a soft grey wall. To give it a more naturalistic touch colourful butterflies are fluttering around its edge. Centre of the wall is adorned with large square wall hanger with tribal motif made of cloth to create a splash of colour on the pastel wall.

Artistic grafitti

Ever thought that wall graffiti can be used as art? See this colourful mix of colour turn the weather beaten shabby wall into an airy sit-out for summer evenings. The hand painted graffiti of a teenager with neon sunglasses is perfect background with a quirky twist for the heavy duty velvet sofa and soft cushions.

Magic wall with spring flowers

Doesn't this wall remind you of Aladdin's cave with recessed blue and golden lighting within small alcoves above perky spring flowers nodding their heads on a pretty pastel wall? This unusual modern design transforms a simple living room into a treasure cave with lighted enclosures embedded into the wall. Hand painted murals and golden border around the alcoves make the wall lively and interesting with pink and green flowers fluttering across the wall. These alcoves can be used to keep small and large objects of art in the wall without spending on a glass showcase.

Dandelions in the wind

Even the most minimalist living rooms need a bit of art to make the room cheerful and nothing can retain the serenity of grey sofa and white marble floor than this lively dandelion creation. Made by Italian design house Crearreda, this enchanting wall sticker brings back memories of childhood. At first glance it appears like a hand painted mural with delicate wisps of the dandelieon flower flying across the wall. The wall art is enhanced by the beautiful combination of black and white vases with wisps of dried twigs that sometimes appear to be a part of the wall art.

Ornate thai puppet

Thai puppets have been famous since they first started appearing in National Geographic magazines several years ago. Though the original ones are made of animal hide, this ornate wall decoration is made of brass and has been put within a wooden frame to appear as if it has been framed. To give it an authentic touch the puppet's threads hang in an artistic manner from the frame's edge. Every part of the puppet's costume, armor and jewellery has been painstakingly etched into the metal and hand painted in vivid earthy colors for authenticity. A true piece of art to display in the dining area or over a work table.

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